Rockstar Is Making Some Changes to Red Dead Online Beta

Red Dead Online

Rockstar is making some updates to the beta of Red Dead Online. The online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 launched its beta in November 2018, and now three months later, it remains in beta mode. Red Dead Online takes its cue from Red Dead Redemption 2, which followed the adventures of Arthur Morgan, a veteran of the Van der Linde gang.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the highly successful Red Dead Redemption but focuses on a time when the Wild West became less wild, with the civilized world threatening to take down the gangs once and for all. In the title, Arthur does everything from taking on missions to riding horses, hunting and living life as an outlaw during a time when folks have become more hostile to his kind. Red Dead Online offered a multiplayer portion to that title, by expanding the world with customizable characters that can join up and explore the game's map together. The initial reception of the Red Dead Online beta was only mediocre, though, with many players criticizing the economy and rewards system. Developer Rockstar released an update in December to deal with those complaints, but it seems the developer still has a long way to go in pleasing its players.

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The next set of updates for the Red Dead Online beta will arrive on Feb. 26. One fundamental change concerns the visibility of players as blips on the game map as blips will no longer show to other players unless they're within 150 meters or when the player fires a weapon. This should prevent players from targeting other players during gameplay. There is also a new system to deal with overly aggressive players: If a player becomes too hostile, their blip will go from blue to dark red. Red Dead Online will get Posse-wide parleys and an improved Feud system, along with NPC bounty hunters. Rockstar also promises a series of new Daily Challenges for players, as well as some fixes for smaller problems.

Red Dead Online Posse

These updates should please those still playing the beta, although it seems that the game continues to have its issues. Rockstar did recently release a 32-player battle royale mode called Gun Rush, but none of these updates seems to compare to the gameplay experience that players expected, particularly after playing through the story of Red Dead Redemption 2.

At this point, many players seem to have lost interest in Red Dead Online, and with Rockstar still saying the online game will be in beta for months to come, it remains to be seen if there will even be players left by then.

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