Red Dead Online Ability Cards Guide: Dead Eye & Passive Explained

Red Dead Online Parley Feud System

Customizing a character in Red Dead Redemption 2's newly-released Red Dead Online is one of the most important aspects of the game for players, and there's certainly an appeal in selecting facial features, attire, and other cosmetic items. Still, those particular aspects won't keep players alive during Red Dead Online's Feuds, but equipping various Ability Cards may do the trick for eager gamers trying to cling to life amidst a multiplayer shootout.

There are two types of Ability Cards in particular under the two categories of Dead Eye and Passive. Each has its own merit for gamers looking to thrive in the cutthroat world of Red Dead Online, but the Dead Eye Ability Card is the one that aspiring cowpokes will pick first. As the name implies, this impacts the way that players can use their Dead Eye ability (the moderately slow motion aiming system), buffing various stats in the process. More importantly, there's only one slot for this particular Ability Card type, and it's available right at the beginning.

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Passive Ability Cards, on the other hand, are unlocked as players reach ranks 10, 20, and 40, respectively – totaling three potential slots on top of the one Dead Eye Ability Card. Oddly enough, these Passive cards don't particularly encourage passive behavior, with traits that range from Horseman (which increases damage done from horseback) to Necessity Breeds (which increases damage as players lose health).

These Ability Cards can further be enhanced by leveling them up to a maximum of Tier 3. And if neither of the above mentioned two Passive cards are of interest then anyone hopping on Red Dead Online is free to buy new ones as they level up with in-game money. Fortunately, there are a few ways to earn money fast in Red Dead Online that will help them afford the best hand possible, especially as they level up and unlock more Ability Cards.

Finally, players are also free to swap out cards at any point by opening up their Inventory and altering them as they see fit. Truthfully, the impact of Ability Cards is something players will want to know before playing Red Dead Online, but it's better late than never to learn the ropes of this skill tree-esque addition to Rockstar Games' cowboy prequel.

Once the Ability Cards have been picked, perhaps the focus for gamers will shift to finding the best horses in Red Dead Online. Anyone planning to do so, however, just needs to make sure that they have horse insurance in case their preferred Dead Eye card fails them  – and their steed – in a shootout.

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