FilmDistrict To Release MGM's 'Red Dawn' Remake

FilmDistrict Picks Up Red Dawn Distribution Rights

It's been months since we've talked about the Red Dawn remake here at Screen Rant. What happened? Did Chinese North Korean spies break into MGM and run off with the prints of the film?

No, I'm afraid it was nothing that exciting. Red Dawn merely got caught up in the long and tortuous MGM bankruptcy saga. That all appears to be over now, though, as independent studio FilmDistrict is striking a deal with MGM to release the film to theaters next year.

According to the L.A. Times, FilmDistrict will likely release Red Dawn in 2012, three years after the movie was produced. While this would be a problem for many films, the long delay between production and release may end up being a boon for the Red Dawn remake.

In the two years since Red Dawn was filmed, several of its star actors have gone on to become big names in Hollywood. In particular, Chris Hemsworth, who took on the role originated by Patrick Swayze in the 1980s film, has become a legitimate box office star thanks to the success of Thor. Hemsworth's profile will only continue to rise with the release of The Avengers, which also comes out in 2012.

Adrienne Palicki, who starred in the failed Wonder Woman TV series and is also in the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel, and Josh Hutcherson, who is starring in the highly-anticipated teen action/drama The Hunger Games, are two other Red Dawn cast members who have seen their stars rise in Hollywood over the last two years.

Frankly, the prospect of rehashing a 1980s action film that really only worked because it was set in the 1980s seemed like an odd choice from the get-go. However, with its cast and director (Dan Bradley, an accomplished stunt director who is making his first feature film), there are definitely some things in the Red Dawn remake that will be interesting to see, which is why it's good news that it is now getting a release.

What do you think about Red Dawn finally finding a home? Was the film's three-year delay ultimately a good thing?

Source: L.A. Times hat tip to Latino Review

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