'Red Dawn' Remake Delayed By MGM Bankruptcy

Red Dawn Remake delayed

The fallout from MGM's bankruptcy troubles is getting uglier and uglier. First were the delays to The Hobbit, which was set to go into production this year; that debacle forced director Guillermo del Toro to drop the film, even after rearranging his entire life around it. Next came the news that the next James Bond film would be delayed - another movie set to go into production this year.

Well, the latest casualty of the MGM pooch screw is the Red Dawn remake, which is already in post-production and was set to hit theaters this winter. Cue the widespread groaning.

LA Times reports that despite rumors to the contrary, the Red Dawn remake isn't going to be hitting theaters this November as scheduled. Due to MGM's bankruptcy, and the studio's failed attempts to auction off its assets to new investors, there simply isn't enough financial leverage to put Red Dawn in theaters. As word has it, the film will stay in the can until MGM sorts out its financial woes, or another investor swoops in to take the film off of the studio's hands.

This news is surely a shame for those who are fans of the original Red Dawn (a cult fav among commie-haters everywhere) and were looking forward to seeing this new take, in which the small town of Spokane, Washington is besieged by the Chinese invaders.

It's also bad news for comic book movie fans and the heads over at Marvel Studios: Red Dawn stars Chris Hemsworth, the actor who will light up screens as Thor next year. Seeing Hemsworth play Jed Eckert - the role originally played by late icon Patrick Swayze - would've been a perfect jumping off point for the Australian actor to be introduced to American audiences. Unless this Red Dawn situation is resolved, Hemsworth is going to be under increased pressure to prove himself as a blockbuster leading man in Thor. If you'd like a look at how he's doing as the God of Thunder, go HERE.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in costume with Mjolnir Hammer

Throughout this bankruptcy situation, MGM has been trying to assure skeptics that their upcoming film projects were safe. I for one have never bought that line (rule of thumb: don't trust broke people) and, cynic that I am, have been expecting a worst case scenario. So far, we are three for three in the disappoint column. Warner Bros. has stepped in to help MGM get The Hobbit in theaters, and I have a sneaking suspicion that with enough commotion from fans (Internet rally cry!), other studios might be inclined to step in and help get Bond and Red Dawn into theaters - for a large share of the profit, of course ;-) .

Red Dawn boasts a strong cast of young up-and-comers, including Adrianne Palicki (Legion), Josh Peck (The Wackness), Josh Hutcherson (Zathura), Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2), Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Losers) and Tom Cruise's adopted son, Connor Cruise. The script was written by Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia) and Jeremy Passmore, and the movie was directed by stunt coordinator and blockbuster assistant director, Dan Bradley (Spider-Man 2 &3, The Bourne Ultimatum).

We'll keep you posted about when we might see Red Dawn in theaters (or The Hobbit, or James Bond). If you're tired of MGM's money troubles screwing with your movie going experience, let your voice be heard in our comment section.

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Source: LA Times

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