'Red Dawn' Image: Wolverines Ready to Battle Chinese Invaders

Red Dawn 2010 remake north korean villains

Back in 2009 MGM hit the ground running with their remake of the classic '80s invasion film, Red Dawn. At first there was a whirlwind of activity as the studio moved ahead with project  by hiring a director, casting characters and finding shoot locations in Michigan. Fans of the project felt their excitement build as behind-the-scenes pictures and set videos began popping up online - all of which was supposed to culminate with the September 2010 release.

Then the hammer began to fall -MGM had one heck of a bankruptcy hiccup as it went in and out of negotiations with investors and fought desperately to stave off debtors. Eventually though, MGM’s financial situation became too much for the studio to handle alone as it filed for Chapter 11 and then was sold to Spyglass Entertainment last Fall.

During this time, all of MGM’s projects were put on hold, including Red Dawn, which left a lot of fans wondering if they would ever get to see the completed film. Fans haven’t read any good news or seen any new photos from the film – until now. Thanks from a heads up from our friends at Red Dawn 2010, we have the first complete cast photo of the new Wolverines from the Red Dawn remake over at Daily Blam. Check it out below:


Red Dawn 2010 chinese north koreans

Now for comparison here is the entire cast of the original 1984 Red Dawn:

Original Cast from the 1984 movie Red Dawn

The similarities and differences are easy to spot between the two photos: nine characters compared to seven, three girls compared to two, Urban Outfitter clothing compared to J.C. Penny's - but are these changes a good thing? Most remake purists (if there is such a thing) were complaining when it was reported the original Russia invaders were swapped for the Chinese and the setting moved from the rural areas of Colorado to the suburban areas of Detroit, Michigan.

Personally, I think change for this Red Dawn is a good thing. The global situation has changed – red Russia is no longer considered to be a hostile threat to America and our own economic situation at home has changed. It makes sense (at least Hollywood sense) that the remaining Communist super power (China) would invade the U.S. (hypothetically speaking of course) and it makes sense they would try to win over the American public with feigned acts of good will.

Red Dawn is Dan Bradley’s first time in the director’s chair so no one can say for sure if he and writers Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia) and Jeremy Passmore have done a good job with all of their changes, but hopefully audiences will get the chance to see for themselves later this year.

Red Dawn stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Josh Hutcherson (RV), Josh Peck (Drillbit Taylor), Isabel Lucas (Daybreakers) and Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Losers). Hopefully the film will invade theaters in 2011.

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Source: Daily Blam via Red Dawn 2010

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