'RED 2' Producer Says Stars Already Reaching Out to Join ‘RED 3’

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RED 2 doesn’t hit theaters until July 19, 2013, but talent is already reaching out to series producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (TransformersG.I. Joe) to join the ranks of Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich for round three.

RED 2 begins with Frank enjoying living happily every after with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). Sarah, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind reliving the unrelenting action of their first adventure. Lucky for her, she gets her wish when the CIA and MI6 suspect Frank knows the whereabouts of a devastating weapon that’s been hidden since the Cold War. With assassins and US officials on their tail, they’ve got to track down and destroy Nightshade before someone tracks down and destroys them first.

Just about a month ago, word got out that Jon and Erich Hoeber already inked a deal with Lionsgate to pen RED 3 and, should their script get the studio’s approval, the film will go into production in early 2014, so it’s really no surprise that casting is being considered well before the second film hits theaters. While promoting RED 2 ahead of its release, di Bonaventura explained that none of the actors were contractually obligated to return for the sequel, but credits the reunion to simply enjoying making the first film:

“Everybody had a really good time making the first movie. I think we’re really lucky. I don’t know what makes that happen, but the alchemy of it, of the cast enjoying each other’s company and having a good time really happened on the first movie and people – I think you can see that on screen. You can see that they’re having a good time.”

Not only is that a significant boost in terms of an audience enjoying the cast’s chemistry, but other actors and potential RED 3 recruits can see it, too. Di Bonaventura noted, “There’s sort of a snowball effect that occurs because when you hear that other great actors [are] in there, why wouldn’t you want to be part of it?

When asked if that snowball effect will continue when moving from RED 2 to RED 3, di Bonaventura pointed out:

“We have had a couple of people – their agents certainly have reached out to us. Yeah, no, it’s one of the fun things to do, is in the world that we have, anything is almost possible in terms of casting and then you have to figure out how to ground it, but we can attract really outrageous characters. Actors don’t get that opportunity all that much.”

Before we get carried away with speculation and try to figure out who might have approached di Bonaventura or who might make for an optimal RED addition, RED 2 first has to prove itself at the box office. RED actually only opened at #2 with $21.8 million back in 2010, but then it went on to spend a remarkable four months in theaters, solidifying it as a significant hit. Considering RED 2 is going up against The Conjuring, R.I.P.D., and Turbo, it’s more likely that it’ll find success following that path rather than blowing away the competition in weekend one. In fact, it seemingly might be that or nothing at all.


We’ll have a clearer outlook on the fate of RED 3 when RED 2 opens on July 19th.

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