'Red 2' Teaser Poster: Willis, Mirren & Malkovich Head to Europe

Red 2 Teaser Poster Europe

Red 2 doesn't begin filming until next spring, but that's not stopping DC Entertainment and Summit from teasing the returning cast of all-stars along with franchise newcomers entering the fold. A teaser poster for the sequel has been released, showcasing the names and shadows of some of those familiar stars, along with a little hint of the sequel's story.

Key members from the first film's cast – Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker, and John Malkovich – are rightfully situated on the one-sheet, along with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee (G.I. Joe 2). The backdrop of the poster, while extraordinarily drab, teases the plot of Red 2 following Willis' gang of retired CIA operatives taking on a new set of enemies across Europe.

Among those new enemies may be Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, but he has yet to officially sign on for a role – hence his absence from the poster. As a counterpoint to Karl Urban – one of the "villains" in the first film – Anthony Hopkins would provide a much more worthy adversary in terms of the series' proclivity for geriatric humor. Still, it was exciting to see Willis outmatched, but still successful, against a younger and more virile opponent in Red. Perhaps that's the role martial arts expert Byung-Hun Lee is set to play.

With original Red director Robert Schwentke busy putting the finishing touches on R.I.P.D. whilst this sequel will be shooting, Dean Perisot will be giving his best effort to replicate his past success with the film Galaxy Quest. Like that comedic space adventure, Red 2 puts Perisot at the helm of a film that blends action with comedy, and stars iconic stars of yesteryear – albeit Bruce Willis is a major upgrade from Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor.

Check out the poster below:

Red 2 Teaser Poster Full

Given that Summit wants to kick off the promotional tour for Red 2 early, not even waiting until a single shot of film is "in the can," expect plenty of character posters to be released closer to next summer when the film releases. For now, we can only hope that Bruce Willis is heading for a showdown with Sir Anthony Hopkins.


Red 2 releases August 2, 2013.

Source: Kinopoisk (via Collider)

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