Recap - Heroes Season One: Landslide

Holy cow... Last night's episode of Heroes title Landslide was amazing.

It was the penultimate episode of Heroes' first season, and if that was the next to last episode, I can't wait to see the final one next week!

Talk about being the opposite of Lost... there was so much going on it made my head spin, but not in a too much, Spider-Man 3 kind of way. Pretty much all the characters appeared as they descended upon New York City, each of them coming super-close to resolving their particular story line.

Possible spoilers follow, so be warned....

Are you still reading?

Last warning, then.

There were tons of suprises in this one (I don't think I've ever seen a TV episode where so many main characters were killed) and really cool moments, especially one involving good old Hiro and his father, where it seems he finally turns into the man who we saw in the episode that took place five years in the future. There's great stuff involving just about everyone on the show with the mystery of why Micah was kidnapped revealed, a look at Nathan starting to seriously turn to the dark side and lots of other revelations.

Heroes is hitting on almost all cylinders as far as I'm concerned (I'll explain shortly) and I'm really happy it was picked up for next season with a total of not 24 but 30 new episodes, which includes a half dozen that are kind of a spinoff covering people with powers who we haven't seen a may or may not join the main story.

The only thing that has bugged me, and I mean has REALLY bugged me, is the fact that for a long time Peter thought he was going to be the guy who explodes and destroys the city. So maybe one of you fine people can explain to me why in the HECK he was hell-bent on finding Ted... the guy from whom he was going to absorb the power that Peter wouldn't be able to control and thus bring the prediction to life???

If you were Peter, wouldn't you do everything in your power to NOT find Ted and stay as far away from him as possible? Why did he go looking for Ted and give Claire a gun to shoot him in case he couldn't handle the power? Why not just stay the hell away from him?

That was the one thing that seemed really stupid to me this entire season. Other than that: perfect. :-)

Your thoughts on this are welcome... maybe I'm missing something?

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