Wesley Snipes Fights Off Aliens in The Recall Trailer

The Recall Wesley Snipes Trailer

Fans of Wesley Snipes days fending off the undead horde in the Blade feature franchise are in for another genre feature film adventure starring the longtime Hollywood actor in the form of the sci-fi thriller The Recall - a groundbreaking and immersive cinematic experience that just saw the release of its first official trailer. Implementing a multi-screen digital format meant to bring the story of a prophesied alien invasion to life, the new movie will debut exclusively in select Barco Escape Theaters, before making its way to 2D theaters later this summer.

Directed by Mauro Borrelli - whose past work has included being a part of the art department on such blockbuster presentations as the Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain America feature franchises - The Recall will star Snipes and Breaking Bad supporting actor R.J. Mitte in a fight for survival during an alien invasion on Earth. The new movie was shot with Barco Escape theaters in mind - a chain that implements three-screen movie presentations - and the latest trailer hints at just what kind of adventure potential viewers have waiting for them.

In the footage featured above, Minds Eye Entertainment's The Recall is promised to be a whirlwind sci-fi thriller co-starring the likes of Snipes and Mitte in a cutting-edge theatrical experience that is seeking to break new ground in theatrical distribution. Supplemented by a 12-minute VR short film titled The Recall Abduction - shot from the perspective of Mitte's character -  that will be made available on supporting platforms in tandem to its release in Barco Escape Theaters starting June 2 - with a subsequent limited 2D run in theaters and via Video On Demand services on June 16 - Borrelli and company are aiming to tantalize the viewer's senses with a moviegoing experience like no other. Check out the official plot synopsis for The Recall below:

The Recall centers on a group of friends vacationing at a remote cabin lake house when aliens attack Earth.  Charlie (Jedidah Goodacre) and his friends Brendan (R.J. Mitte), Annie (Laura Bilgeri), Rob (Niko Pepaj), and Kara (Hannah Rose May) are forced to rely on an eccentric and mysterious hunter (Wesley Snipes) with special knowledge of the attack, explaining this day has been prophesied for years.

The Recall Wesley Snipes Trailer

Speaking to the intentions behind making the project a unique experience for all potential viewers, lead actor Wesley Snipes had only good things to say about his latest feature length production. Commenting on what potential viewers have waiting in store for them with the limited release of The Recall at Barco Escape Theaters, Snipes stated:

"Barco Escape is an incredible new way to watch movies and feel like you are completely inside the heart-stopping action we’re bringing you with our thriller. The Recall is setting the bar for how movies should create a mind-blowing experience for fans across all platforms."

Whether or not moviegoers will actively seek out a way to experience everything that The Recall has to offer at Barco Escape Theaters remains to be seen, but if Minds Eye Entertainment CEO and Producer Kevin DeWalt can be believed, The Recall will change "the way movies are experienced in theaters." On that note, here's to hoping for the very best from Borrelli, Snipes, and company as they explore new cinematic territory later this summer.

Source: Minds Eye Entertainment

Key Release Dates
  • The Recall (2017) release date: Jun 02, 2017
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