'[Rec]' Writers & Directors Returning For Third Movie

We've not even seen [REC] 2 - the sequel to the terrific Spanish-language zombie film, [REC] - rear its bloody head in worldwide theaters yet, however a third one is already being planned. The writers and directors of the first two were Juame Balaguero and Paco Plaza, and even though [REC] 3 has definitely been in the cards for both of them, they've often been rumored to be returning as producers instead of lending their writing and directing talents to a third installment.

However, Dread Central recently got a chance to speak to Balaguero at a screening of [REC] 2, and the writer/director revealed that the rumors of he and Plaza not returning as just producers are totally unfounded, and when the time comes for [REC] 3 they both very much plan on returning to head chair(s).

Balageuro is currently planning his next movie (which isn't [REC] 3), which means we won't be seeing the third installment for yet a while. Although, with Sony NOT releasing [REC] 2 as soon as possible, "a while" is understating it. Balageuro is already planning the third film (as is Filmax, the series' production company), some of which includes several directions the plot will most likely go in. He says it will involve leaving the apartment building where the first two are set - does that mean the "zombies" will be seen running the streets? If that's the case, I hope Balaguero and Plaza do something to set it apart from other zombie flicks, particularly the 28 Days/Weeks Later films.

Even with the tired "found footage" approach going against it, the first [REC] managed to feel fresh and original while still respecting the proper conventions that make good horror films truly scary. The sequel was released in Spain a couple of months ago, and as stated Sony, for some reason, hasn't given it a release date in the U.S. (despite [REC] 2 having played at the Austin Fantastic Fest this Fall) or the UK yet. The UK got the first one way before the U.S. did, so maybe that'll be the case for the sequel.

Rec 2 July release

I would normally not be happy with them carrying on something like [REC] past one film, but the fact that the original writers and directors came back for the second installment and now are planning to do so again for the third makes it more than fine in my books. I'll need to see [REC] 2 before I can judge whether or not the plot warrants a third film, but if they can carry on the frenetic horror of the first installment, I'll be perfectly happy.

There's currently no release date been set for [REC] 2, and [REC] 3 is currently in the planning stages.

Sources: DreadCentral (thanks to Bloody-Disgusting)

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