'[REC] 3: Genesis' Red-Band Trailer

[REC] 3: Genesis

A couple of years have passed since the U.S. release of [REC] 2, but domestic fans of the Spanish horror series have a new reason to get excited with the release of a new red-band trailer for the next chapter in the franchise.

Whereas [REC] 2 picked up right after the events of the first film, [REC] 3: Genesis follows a young couple’s wedding (and subsequent reception) where all hell breaks loose when guests complain of a mysterious infection. Eventually, the newlyweds are forced to fight for their lives against hordes of zombies. In addition to featuring new characters, the film looks to incorporate only sporadic use of the "found footage" style which made 2007’s [REC] such a standout in the first place.

Paco Plaza - who co-directed the first two films - helms this third entry in the series, based on a script he co-wrote with Luis Berdejo. At this point, one might not expect [REC] 3: Genesis to inspire new fans to join the franchise. However, the series’ new direction may garner renewed interest, especially given its relative abandonment of the now-overused "found footage" technique.

[REC] 3: Genesis

It’s become commonplace to bash Hollywood remakes of foreign properties, but in the case of the [REC] films, the original deservedly has outlived its imitator. American audiences may remember that [REC] was adapted into 2008’s box office hit Quarantine. And while that film was a success, it failed to develop into its own franchise - with the exception of a direct-to-video sequel.

Conversely, the makers of the [REC] series already have plans for a fourth and final film in the pipeline. Reportedly titled [REC] 4: Apocalypse, it’s easy to figure out why - with a subtitle like that - there might be nowhere else for the franchise to go. In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see if this third entry makes the same splash as the first two, despite multiple changes to the franchise's aesthetic.

Are you a fans of the [REC] series, or is the series already in danger of over-extending itself? Sound off in the comments.

[REC] 3: Genesis will be available on demand on August 3rd, 2012, before being released in U.S. theaters on Septemeber 7th.


Source: IGN

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