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It was recently announced that [REC] 2 will make a theatrical run this July. Now we've got a new red-band trailer making the rounds in the U.K. and it's worth a look. The sequel to [REC] already has support based on the in-trailer reviews. Loyal followers like myself are anxiously awaiting the release this summer. The original is still one of my favorite horror films of all time, but I never got to see it in theaters.

Some trailers came out in September of last year, but with the upcoming release, the studios are re-cutting and airing some 90-second scare fests. Whether horror is your favorite genre or not, it's hard to imagine the trailer not getting under people's skin.

The Spanish sequel follows the events of the original, taking place only 15 minutes later and keeps itself grounded in the prior events. Based on the trailer, it looks like the same scares, but with an extra pair of gloves with which to get messy. Add guns to the mix of violence already present and you've got yourself an action-packed thrill ride that may leave people restless for days to come. Check out the vicious and bloody trailer from IGN below:

What a haunting trailer. I get chills during the last 30 seconds, but the whole thing makes me desperate to experience the movie in theaters.

We've also got plenty of stills courtesy of Shock Till You Drop and without getting all wordy, how about I just present a few of my favorites and let you check out the rest at STYD.

Rec 3 and 4 sequels on the way
Rec 2 screaming still
Rec 3 and 4 on the way
Rec 2 gun by window still

Are you excited for the July release? Can the sequel live up to the fear from the first? Let us know in the comments section below.

[REC] 2 opens in theaters in July, with a rumored release date of July 9, 2010.

Source: Shock Till You Drop and IGN

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