[REC] 2 Official Trailer

A few months ago we gave you a look at the teaser trailer for [REC 2], the upcoming sequel to the Spanish-language horror film [REC]. Today we have the official full trailer for the film, giving us more of a peek at the horrific mayhem that's bound to continue on from the conclusion of the first one.

Without further ado, check out for yourself the new official (Spanish-language) trailer for [REC] 2:


I've already expressed my admiration for what writer/directors Juame Balaguero and Paco Plaza did with the first [REC] (short for "Record", FYI), making one of the 21st century's truly great cinematic horror experiences. And I'm glad to see that they're staying on-board, writing and directing the sequel, instead of passing it on to someone else to ruin attempt. It looks like they've successfully re-captured the terrifying nature and atmosphere of the first film.

Just in case you haven't seen the first [REC], the film was about the outbreak of a mysterious virus within the confines of a Spanish building complex. The building is sealed off, with the people unlucky enough to be trapped inside trying to fight for their lives as the infected attack.

[Warning: Major SPOILERS ahead]

Pretty much everyone was either dead or infected by the end of the first movie, with the last victim (the lead) you can see being dragged away from the camera right before the credits roll, presumably getting infected or killed. The sequel takes place straight after that, with authorities being sent in to investigate. Needless to say, they'll be in for one hell of an ordeal.


What do you make of the latest trailer for [REC] 2? Have you seen the first one? (If not, you should!)

[REC] 2 will soon be playing at the Toronto Film Festival. No U.S. or UK release date has been set yet.

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