Rebels Season 4: Dave Filoni Discusses Rogue One Setup

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Star Wars: Rebels wrapped up Season 3 of the show with an exhilarating finale last night. Over the past few years, it's told the tale of a nascent group of freedom fighters who slowly form up with the burgeoning Rebel Alliance in an attempt to stop the Empire. Aside from a number of new exciting characters, the show has brought back a lot of familiar faces from Star Wars mythology. It's also taken heroes from the Expanded Universe, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn and made them a core part of the new lore.

As for familiar faces from the movies, Darth Maul has emerged as a key player in the series, and maybe in the whole franchise. He isn't the only one to crossover from the movies, either. Mon Mothma recently made an appearance, kicking off the Rebellion proper. Then there's Saw Gerrera, who debuted on The Clone Wars series before jumping to Rogue One. He had a small arc recently on Rebels as well, and luckily it won't be his last turn on the series.

In their finale recap episode, the Star Wars YouTube series Rebels Recon sat down with showrunner Dave Filoni to talk about the recently confirmed Season 4. He made sure to note that the new season would help bridge the gap to Rogue One by bringing back the various Rebel leaders:

"You will see Mon Mothma again, you’ll see Saw Gerrera again. You’ll get much more of an insight into seeing how that relationship breaks down and breaks apart."

We've already seen the tension between Saw's tactics and those of the other Rebels, but he's not yet on the outs with the Alliance on the show. We do know within a few years he'll be running a group of guerrillas and insurgents in Jedha City. Mothma, meanwhile, will go from a rogue Senator to one of the key leaders in the Rebel Alliance. As such, it'll be fascinating to see how she and Saw grow and change. And it won't just be the human characters from the movies that will pop up. Filoni teased one of Star Wars' most iconic elements may be coming to the show, saying the next season "might be possibly, possibly, possibly when you see an X-Wing."

Recon also offered up a look at a new piece of concept art for Season 4, teasing a dark end for the Mandalorians (see above). The iconic culture has been incredibly prominent in Rebels, especially in the last year, and this suggests the story begun in The Clone Wars will finally come to a head.

Beyond these teases, the future of Rebels is unclear; the fourth season announcement shocked fans and there's been the increasing possibility of a new animated series on the horizon. Whatever happens in the Ghost crew's future, we'll bring you all the news there is on Season 4 of the show.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 premieres this fall on Disney XD.

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