Exclusive: Rebel Terminator Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Revealed

Get ready for a first look at Sideshow Collectibles Rebel Terminator Mythos Figure. Aside from the movies, The Terminator franchise has been spun-off into numerous directions, including TV shows, video games, comic books, board games and action figures. The twisty, time-travelling nature of the series has allowed for alternate continuities to exist side by side – a device the movie sequels have used repeatedly to reboot themselves out of trouble – and given talented artists the chance to put their own stamp on the franchise.

Fans of the series recently got very excited with the announcement of Terminator 6, which will reunite Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and series creator James Cameron for the first time since Judgment Day. Cameron will produce and oversee the sequel, which promises to be the true third movie after years of disappointing follow-ups, including the critically derided Terminator: Genisys. While that entry was far from a fan favorite, a new board game dubbed Rise Of The Resistance recently launched a Kickstarter, which takes the Future War part of Genisys and makes something interesting out of it.

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Sideshow Collectibles announced their Rebel Terminator Mythos Premium Format Figure in December 2017 and teased it with a silhouette. Now the figure has been unveiled in all its glory, and it's a highly detailed female Terminator holding the head of an exoskeleton and touting a plasma rifle. Just like they did with their Star Wars Mythos line that reimagined Boba Fett or Darth Vader, Sideshow is trying to present the Terminator from a new angle with this design by the Kucharek Brothers, which will be available to pre-order starting April 19.

In addition to the figure, a Rebel Terminator art print by artist Alex Pascenko will also be made available, which casts the new machine in a striking portrait fans can frame on their walls. The print will be available to pre-order on April 23 and more info can be found on the Sideshow Collectibles website.

It's a very good time to be a fan of the series, though news recently came that Tim Miller's Terminator 6 is being pushed back a few months to November 2019. If the movie is a hit, Cameron has said it will launch a trilogy that will follow a new group of heroes. Actress Mackenzie David will play a soldier-assassin, while Diego Boneta was just cast in an unnamed key role.

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