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Timeless: Lucy and Rufus with Ernest Hemingway

See that? That's Lucy and Rufus hanging out with Ernest Hemingway, watching Josephine Baker perform. That's not the only advantage to hanging with history's most famous; Wyatt and Rufus get caught in a booby-trapped hotel in Chicago in 1893, and Lucy comes to their rescue. "I brought Harry Houdini!" she tells

them triumphantly.

Despite the intensity of the drama, this show is all about fun. The time machine looks like a big ball --sort of like an altered CBS logo, which is odd as it's on NBC -- and once it starts spinning, things get wacky. Every week we're somewhere brand new and our characters have to reinvent themselves again. We're in as much awe as they are when they find themselves in places they've only read about, and along for the ride wherever they go. Timeless has the spirit of those DC comic shows, which remember that their audience wants to be entertained, above all. Watergate, flappers, Jesse James, NASA, Bonnie & Clyde ... AMUSE ME, you can say to Timeless, and it will obey.

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