• 5 Reasons Spider-Man Should Be The New Iron Man (& 5 Reasons He Shouldn't)
    Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man in Endgame

    Spider-Man: Far From Home is the epilogue to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 'Infinity Saga.' With the status quo restored at the cost of Iron Man's life (and the Hulk's arm,) it only makes sense that the last film in Phase Three centers around Tony Stark's protege - Peter Parker.

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    Now that Tony Stark and Natalia Romanoff are deceased, Steve Rogers is retired, and Bruce Banner is disabled, MCU fans are wondering who will carry on their stead? We know that Sam Wilson is the current Captain America, but who will become the new Iron Man? Most signs indicate that Peter Parker will eventually fill that role. We here at Screenrant can think of plenty of reasons why Spider-Man should fill Iron Man's rocket-powered boots, and why he shouldn't.

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    Peter's More Humble Than Tony Was (Should)

    We hesitate to use the term 'pure of heart' when describing Peter Parker, but it's difficult not to. The kid is a sincere and down-to-earth hero who took it upon himself to become Spider-Man in the first place. Tony Stark, on the only hand, only became a hero after his run-in with the Ten Rings.

    In his teens, Parker understood that "with great power, comes great responsibility." That's what Tony loved about Peter so much - this poor kid from Queens had more empathy for his fellow man than a billionaire playboy from Long Island did at the same age. Peter is an optimistic and hopeful hero, akin to Steve Rogers in many ways. If he were to become the new Iron Man, he could merge Cap's humility with Iron Man's intellect.

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    He's Also Far Less Experienced (Shouldn't)

    One could also argue that Peter's hope and optimism are byproducts of his naivete. As tough as Pete's home life and backstory have been, he's also yet to step into the adult world and face even more complex issues. Tony was a trailblazer in the MCU, figuring out almost everything as he went along as well. However, the stakes were much less intense when Stark first became a hero.

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    At the start of Iron Man's career, the worst threat he had to face was Obadiah Stane. If Peter were to become the new Iron Man, he'd need to be more experienced than Tony at the start of his new career. There's a real possibility that the 'Iron Spider' would have to face someone like MODOK, Baron Zemo, Dormammu, or Doctor Doom.

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    He'd Have Access To Extremely Advanced Tech (Should)
    Legion of Suits in Iron Man 3

    As we've seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming as well as Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter's already managed to save the day using a few of Stark's inventions. Peter's life would become 1 million times easier if he had access to all of Iron Man's suits and tech. Villains like the Vulture, Scorpion, and Venom (should he come at Peter foul) wouldn't stand a chance against the might of Stark Industries!

    Peter could also use that tech to be an even better friendly neighborhood Spider-Man; he could use Stark's resources to help build new structures for his fellow New Yorkers as well as make Queen's much more eco-friendly. We imagine that Peter would only receive full access to Tony's tech after meeting certain conditions, such as keeping a clean record and finishing Grad School.

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    All Of Stark's Enemies Becomes Parker's (Shouldn't)
    Mandarin Iron Man Comics

    On the other hand, "heavy is the head that wears the crown." If Peter became the new Iron Man, he'd inherit Tony's enemies as well as his technology. We're not just talking about Justin 'Smooth Moves' Hammer either; Peter would earn the ire of AIM and the real Mandarin - who's an international terrorist!

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    The last thing that Tony, Pepper, or Happy would want is to see another good man die while trying to bear the burden of being Iron Man. It's bad enough that Pete might have to battle Kraven the Hunter soon. The Wall Crawler can't take on the Sinister Six as well as the remnants of Tony's rogue's gallery.

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    Tony Became Peter's Surrogate Father (Should)
    Spider-Man Homecoming Tony Stark Peter Parker

    Of course, one could argue that Peter feels indebted to Tony and would willingly become the new Iron Man regardless of the potential threats that await him. From Pete's perspective, Mr. Stark believed in him when few others even knew that he existed. Without a father figure in his life (after Ben Parker's death,) Peter started looking up to Tony as the father he never had.

    Others might want to become the new Iron Man because of the prestige and power that comes with the role. However, Peter would likely follow in Tony's footsteps because he'd feel it's his duty. Pete probably blames himself for Tony's death, even though it's not his fault. Maybe taking up his mentor's mantle could give him a sense of closure.

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    Pete Would Need Pepper, Happy, and Morgan's Blessings (Shouldn't)

    Peter isn't the only person who's close to Tony Stark, however. The Armored Avenger is survived by his wife, his best friend, and his daughter - all of which could have mixed feelings about anyone else taking up the Iron Man mantle.

    From the looks of things, Pepper will likely continue to help people as Rescue. However, she's a widowed mother now and needs to be there for Morgan. Mrs. Stark could resent the very concept of Iron Man, viewing it as a role that took her husband from her. Conversely, Pepper and Happy might intend to encourage Morgan to follow in her father's footsteps when she comes of age. Either way, the Stark family may not want anyone else to become the new Iron Man while they're still processing their grief.

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    Others Might Abuse Stark's Resources (Should)

    We should also consider the context of a person's character when it is time to choose a new Iron Man; there won't be any shortage of potential candidates who are smart, strong, and techno-savvy - more than Peter might be. But without strong morals and a genuine desire to do good, the role and power that comes with being Iron Man could be squandered at best and used to do evil at worst!

    If we compare the Avengers to characters from Arthurian Legend, then Peter is the Sir Galahad of the team. His moral compass is firmly set in the right direction, and his intentions are some of the purest in the MCU. Mjolnir might not think that Peter's worthy enough to inherit the powers of Thor, but we think he might be worthy of becoming the new Iron Man if he meets certain conditions in the future.

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    Being Iron Man Could Destroy Peter's Life (Shouldn't)
    Tobey Maguire Crying in Spider-Man

    Conversely, becoming the new Iron Man might be too big of a responsibility for Peter to handle. By his admission, Tony became addicted to the role and couldn't stop - periodically causing him and Pepper to separate. Tony also developed acute anxiety issues after the Battle of New York - cursing him with recurring panic attacks for many years.

    A wise man said that "the road to Hell is paved in good intentions." What if Peter becomes obsessed with the role and alienates Aunt May, Ned, MJ, and anyone else who cares about him? Tony created Ultron when his fears and anxieties got the better of him. We shudder to think about what brilliant man like Peter Parker might do if his psyche deteriorates.

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    Earth Will Need Someone Like Iron Man, Soon (Should)

    For all of the pain and suffering that resulted from Tony's time as Iron Man, one shouldn't gloss over all the good he did. Tony's arc reactor technology has the potential to revolutionize the world. Humans never showed that we were ready for such powerful technology during Tony's lifetime, but we could reach that point during Peter's.

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    You can also bet, as sure as the Sun rises, that Thanos isn't the worst threat the MCU will see. Thanks to Disney's acquisition of Fox, we're bound to see Doctor Doom and Galactus in the MCU! And even if they don't show up anytime soon, the Living Tribunal might want to know what happened to Infinity Stones. Who's to say how he'll react when he learns that we let a Mad Titan have his way with them. Suffice it to say that the MCU will need a hero of Tony Stark's caliber. Peter might be the best candidate for becoming the new Iron Man because he's already so similar to Tony in so many ways.

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    Spider-Man Needs To Establish Himself (Shouldn't)

    As beautiful and heartfelt as Peter Parker's relationship with Tony Stark is, Spider-Man has to strike out and cement his legacy. Currently, Peter's stories have centered around his relationship with Tony. Even his suits are products of Stark Industries - not creations designed using his intellect alone.

    Perhaps the best reason that Peter shouldn't become the new Iron Man is that he needs to further develop as the MCU's first Spider-Man. Referencing Into The Spider-Verse, Peter B. Parker told Miles Morales during a pivotal scene "don't do it like me. Do it like you." If Tony could, he'd undoubtedly encourage his protege and surrogate son to do the same. Thanks to Robert Downey Jr. this generation already has a definitive Iron Man. Toby Maguire is the definitive Spider-Man of a bygone era. We don't need a new Iron Man just right now - the MCU needs its definitive Spider-Man.

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