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Agent Carter is not like anything else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is Marvel's first female-led adaptation, paving the way for Jessica Jones (2015) and the upcoming movie Captain Marvel (2018). Unlike most of the summer blockbusters that have been released, the show does not focus on superheroes. In comparison to

the dark and gritty television shows Daredevil (2015) and Jessica Jones, it has a lighter and even comedic tone. But Agent Carter also defies genre; it's a period piece, a science fiction adventure, and a spy-detective story all at once. In the second season, it continued to break away from tradition and even included a musical number dream sequence.

Agent Carter's different approach to the MCU can be a refreshing contrast to other Marvel stories, but it also means that it can appeal to casual viewers. Because the show takes place in the 1940s, its temporal distance from the rest of the MCU canon means that watching it does not necessitate watching other related movies or television shows.

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