9In fact, it's not like anything else on TV

Agent Carter Hollywood Ending Jarvis Howard

Even beyond the world of superheroes, Agent Carter takes risks. It resists an episodic format, instead focusing on a developing story arc that spans the entirety of each of its seasons. The story is fast-paced, character-driven, and complex. The show balances its narrative with both excellent action sequences and

biting comedy, all while thoughtfully investing in beautiful period-realistic costumes and sets. But Agent Carter never feels like it is doing too much, and these many elements don't seem foreign to each other; instead, each is a part that is essential to the character of the show itself.

There is simply no other show on television that even begins to resemble Agent Carter - most shows don't attempt to do half as much, and Agent Carter succeeds in balancing all of its many parts.

Agent Carter Hollywood Ending Jarvis Peggy Jack
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