5 Reasons The Hills: New Beginnings Is Better Than The Original (5 Reasons It’s Not)

The Hills: New Beginnings premiered on MTV in June 2019 and fans of the 2000s series have gotten the chance to see what everyone is up to now. There are many familiar faces on the series, from Audrina Patridge to Brody Jenner to Stephanie and Spencer Pratt, and some new people that fans already know (Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson's son Brandon Thomas Lee.

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Let's compare both shows and see how they stack up against one another. Here are five reasons The Hills: New Beginnings is better than the original show, and five reasons that The Hills is still the stand-out of the two reality series.

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10 It's Better: The Gang Is Older And Has More Life Experience Behind Them

While it was cool to watch The Hills and see a group of young people who were beginning their grown-up lives, it's fair to say that the spin-off is a better show since the gang is older now. They have more life experience and so they can discuss things other than who's going to the latest party or event.

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While the old show was fun, it did get a bit tiring to constantly watch people arguing and saying that so-and-so shouldn't come to a gathering. The new show does benefit from everyone having gone through a lot in the years between the two shows.

9 It's Not: The Original Had Lauren Conrad

The Hills Season 1 Lauren Conrad

When fans knew that The Hills was coming back, everyone was curious whether Lauren Conrad, who was arguably the star of the original reality series, would be on the new show. Since she isn't on the new show, that's one point for the original.

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The spin-off would be a million times better if LC was on it since she has such interesting relationships with all of the cast members, from Heidi to Audrina to Brody, and her presence would bring all kinds of drama. Without her, it's hard not to think that the show feels empty and incomplete.

8 It's Better: The Spencer/Stephanie Tension

Thanks to LC's absence, perhaps the show is transferring all of the Lauren Conrad/Heidi Montag tension onto Spencer and Stephanie's family relationship. While all families go through rough times, it seems like these siblings have never quite been able to repair the damage that was done years ago.

Reality TV fans live for dramatic moments and The Hills: New Beginnings delivers on that front. For that reason, the new show is better since we get to watch these two cast members argue and try to deal with one another. That's why people tune into this genre of show.

7 It's Not: There Isn't A Lot Happening

The Hills is known for delivering high amounts of drama in every single episode. Since it was on the air for six seasons, that's a lot of time for a lot of stuff to go down. Even today, fans who get nostalgic can watch any episode and remember that particular scene and get sucked into the drama once again.

The new show, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have the same amount of storylines. The cameras seem to film everything simply hanging out at home, or getting ready... and that's about it. Maybe this will change with the next few episodes but it seems safe to say that the original show is a lot better because there was more going on.

6 It's Better: The Cast Members Have Real Problems

Back in the day, everyone on The Hills was concerned about parties, clothing, dating, and having fun. These days, Brody is married and his wife wants to start a family soon, Heidi and Spencer have a baby boy, and Audrina is struggling after her divorce.

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The new show feels better since the cast members have real problems. Babies, marriage, divorce, dating after divorce, thinking about the future -- these are all big things and they aren't taken lightly, despite how fluffy the show can feel thanks to the production value.

5 It's Not: The Bubble Bath Scene Is Weird

Heidi Montag- The Hills

It would be impossible to watch the season premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings and not think that it was weird that Heidi was filmed taking a bubble bath. It doesn't seem all that logical since this scene could very easily have been left out. It just feels random and definitely odd.

The old show didn't feature such weird scenes, and everything that was included seemed a lot more practical. One of the cast members taking a bath? It doesn't really fit within the show, especially since the original had everyone meeting for Pinkberry or going out.

4 It's Better: It's Fun To See Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper in The OC Fox

Sure, there are some fans of the OG show who think it's strange that Mischa Barton is on the new one. It's true that she's an actress and is usually in fictional fare so perhaps starring on a reality show is a confusing move.

Honestly, though, she fits in with the show and seems to genuinely be good friends with the other girls. The new show has one thing that is more interesting than the old one: the addition of Mischa Barton. It's fun for fans of The O.C. to watch her on this show.

3 It's Not: The Quality Was Higher Before

The Hills was a much better show because the quality seemed a lot higher. Fans could settle in and watch a new episode without being distracted by the production value or any strange scenes. It was, simply, a good show that was entertaining and worth watching.

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The new show, on the other hand, does have some odd moments that make viewers pause (like the previously mentioned bubble bath scene). This takes away from the main drama and is kind of confusing.

2 It's Better: It's A Fun Guilty Pleasure Show

A lot of the chatter surrounding The Hills was about how it was "fake" and it was so heavily edited that no one really knew what was the cast's real lives and what was fabricated.

That's a fair point... and it's also fair to say that now that the reboot is airing on MTV in 2019, we're all used to the reality show genre. Everyone knows that these types of shows have a lot of editing going on and no one is all that bothered by it. We just want to watch a good show, and the reboot is a fun guilty pleasure show.

1 It's Not: It Makes Fans Miss The OG Show

The Hills MTV LC and Heidi

Ultimately, The Hills: New Beginning isn't better than the OG show because it makes fans miss the old show. You can't help but compare them, and you're going to prefer the old one.

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In most cases, a reboot or spin-off is worse than the original, or at least it pales quite a lot in comparison. That's what is happening here. While it's an enjoyable summer watch, there's not much to The Hills: New Beginnings.

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