Reality TV By The Numbers [Infographic]

Over the past 12 years, reality television has transitioned itself from so-called niche programming into a booming genre that has taken over TV. Check out this infographic that breaks it down... by the numbers.

Reality TV By The Numbers Infographic

Going back to 2000, reality television was but a mere programming indulgence used to somehow represent elements from modern society through the use of "real" people.

Jumping ahead more than a decade, it's hard to look at any network and not see some form of reality television represented. From the self-obsessed, to the talented, to the competitive, to the, well, "odd"  – reality television  has become must-see- TV to many viewers (even for those that choose not to admit it). With its stars being as championed as much as some of television's best, it's clear that reality television is much more than a passing fad.

Take a look at this infographic (below) to see just how popular reality television has become, and exactly how much influence it has on society.

Reality TV infographic

via Dish

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