10 Reality TV Stars Who Have Been On Multiple Reality Shows

The world of reality TV is glamorous, scandal-driven, fast and, sometimes, just a little too furious. It's hard not to crave more fame once you've had a bit of a taste, and reality TV stars, in particular, are very well known for chasing it as if their lives depend on it.

More often than not, this lust and unyielding desire for being in the spotlight translates into making several appearances on whatever reality show they can find. In the world we live in, it's not hard for former contestants of Survivor to find another spotlight on The Biggest Loser or American Idol

Some of them might be familiar, others just seem like they came out of nowhere. Either case, check out these 10 reality TV stars who've been on multiple reality TV shows!

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10 Karlie Redd

Karlie is a great example of someone trying to make it big at any cost. In her case, as it is for many reality stars, making it big means getting recognition. The New York City-born starlet began her career on the show Scream Queensthat aired on VH1 back in 2008.

Scream Queens aimed to crown the next big horror movie actress, but Karlie ended up being eliminated. However, failing to get a part on a Lionsgate movie didn't stop her from pursuing fame. In 2012, Karlie scored a gig in another VH1 reality show, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, where she dated artists Benzino and Yung Joc.

Karlie has harnessed her reality-TV-won fame for other artistic undertakings. She released her first single in 2012 and has starred in the 2014 Chris Rock movie, Top Five. Additionally, Redd is a recurring character in the soap opera Saints and Sinners. 

9 Adrianne Curry

Who can forget the lucky lady who took home the title of America's Next Top Model on the first season of the fan favorite reality show? Adrianne Curry might have entered the show in hopes of making it as a model, which, in a way, she did.

However, once you start out as a member of a reality show, which ANTM definitely is, no matter how much queen Tyra Banks wants you to think otherwise, it's hard to start being considered anything more than, well, a reality TV star! Curry did model for a considerable number of magazines and walked a fair amount of shows. But still, her most impressive credits are connected to the world of reality TV.

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After becoming the first winner of America's Next Top Model, Adrianne went on to appear in a number of other reality shows, including VH1's Celebrity Paranormal Project in 2006, and, The Surreal Life, also from VH1. A TV show depicting her married life, My Fair Brady, aired on 2005, and she's also made appearances on Celebrity Family Feud with her family, and served as a judge on The Tester. Quite the impressive reality TV resumé!

8 Tami Roman

Tami Roman is a true veteran of reality TV. She's been around the block since the early '90s, and she doesn't show any signs of wanting to slow down her fame seeking-driven activities.

Born in New York, Roman landed her first gig in 1993, on MTV's The Real World: Los Angeles. She was present during the second season of the show, in which she became the first person to get an abortion on reality TV. In 1995 she appeared on The Real World: Reunion and later, in 2001, she appeared as the dealer on Card Sharks. 

Her biggest break in the reality television world, however, came nine years ago, in 2009, in Vh1's Basketball Wives. In 2015 she also appeared on the show's spinoff Basketball Wives: LA, and in the same year, Tami and her boyfriend Reggie Youngblood made an appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

7 Chad Johnson

Unlike many other reality TV stars, the shows Chad Johnson aren't the main reason he turned out famous. They might, however, be how managed to stay relevant, which is the reality for many celebrities out there.

Johnson's number one love and profession is American football. As of today, he's played almost a dozen seasons for the NFL as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins. However, his affection for the sport hasn't stopped Chad from trying his hand at reality TV, making appearances in not one, not two, but three reality shows.

In 2010, he was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, where he made it to the top four. Also in 2010, the player landed his own reality show, VH1's Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, which depicted his pursuit of love amongst 85 women. Years later, in 2017, the NFL player and reality star appeared with his mother on WeTV's Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars: Family Edition.

6 Nikki McKibbin

Nikki first rose to prominence as a contestant on the American reality TV show American Idolwhere she finished in third place. However, prior to letting her voice shine on the fan favorite show, McKibbin appeared on the first season of Popstars, a New Zealand show that inspired Simon Fuller to create the most well-known show of this format, American Idol itself.

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After her 2002 appearance on the show, Nikki McKibbin made herself known as more of a reality TV star than an actual singer and musician. Starting in 2005, the former aspiring idol appeared on an episode of Fear Factor, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, and Kill Reality, a reality TV show that ran on E! Entertainment and followed the filming of a movie starring a string of several reality stars, including McKibbin. In 2008, Nikki returned to the business and appeared on the second season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, as well as its spinoff, Sober House.

5 Whitney Duncan

Early on, Whitney Duncan knew she wanted to become a singer. After signing her first record deal when she was only a senior in high school, Duncan made the jump to reality TV. In 2007, she participated on Nashville Star, a singing competition that aired on USA Network. She finished in fifth place, and while she achieved mild success as a singer, reality TV was her biggest conquest.

Having taken part on the show Survivor, where she finished in ninth place, Whitney Duncan is now better known as one of the most attractive contestants of the show, according to CBS Watch magazine.

4 Jessica Sierra

Singer Jessica Sierra delighted audiences back when she was a contestant on Star Search, a reality show where contestants competed on several categories of entertainment. Sierra continued to pursue her dreams of having a career in music, participating in yet another reality show, American Idol, where she finished in tenth place.

Due to run-ins with the law, in 2008 it was part of her probation terms that Sierra could not get within 300 feet of a camera or microphone. Additionally, Jessica Sierra's life and career ran into some complications related to substance abuse, which culminated with her appearance on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, her third and final encounter with reality television.

3 Dennis Rodman

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has done some arguably strange and impressive things in his lifetime. His career as a basketball player is hardly one of his most interesting undertakings.

In 1996, Rodman had his own reality show on MTV, The Rodman World Tour. A decade later, in 2006, he appeared in UK's version of Celebrity Big Brother, and in the same year, he was also a special guest in Love Island. Dennis was also a part of ABC's Celebrity Mole, a show where he took home the grand prize of $222,000. In addition to all of this, Rodman participated twice on Celebrity Apprentice, both in 2009 and 2013.

2 Megan Hauserman

One hell of a reality TV star, Chicago born Megan Hauserman has starred in five different reality television shows. She first appeared on the third season of Beauty and the Geek and snatched the title of winner (as well as the $125,000 prize). Just a little taste of reality TV wasn't enough for Hauserman, who went on to appear on the second season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, VH1's first season of I Love Money. 

While she dropped out of the latter, finishing in third place, Megan continued to pursue her reality TV career and was a contestant on Rock of Love: Charm School, but she got eliminated for kicking one of the other contestants. Her long-lasting status in the world of reality television earned Hauserman her own show, Megan Wants a Millionaire, which aired on VH1 in 2009. However, the show was canceled after just three episodes due to murder charges against one of the contestants.

1 Brigitte Nielson

Back in the '80s, no one would have guessed Danish actress, model, and overall beauty Brigitte Nielson would end up making a career out of reality television in the '00s. Once married to Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte began her career acting in movies such as Red Sonja, Rocky IV, Cobra, Bye Bye Baby, and Domino.

As time went by, Nielson ended up straying further and further away from acting. In 2003, she was a contestant of the Danish version of the reality TV show The Big Brother. A year later, in 2004, she appeared on VH1's The Surreal Life, and in 2005 she was part of Britain's Celebrity Big Brother. She kept her string of reality TV appearances the following year, in 2006, with The Surreal Life: Fame Games, on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew's first season, and again between 2010 and 2012, on The Farm, Dancing With The Stars Germany, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! German version, and the Danish version of Maestro.

With so many reality show appearances, Brigitte Nielson's career is a challenge to keep track of!

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