Reality TV stars are still a relatively new type of celebrity. Unlike actors or musicians, fans feel like they actually know their favorite reality TV personalities. What we’re watching is supposed to be real life, right?

Well, more often than not, even shows based on real events don’t tell all. With shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which follows the every move of the Kardashian and Jenner families, it’s easy to feel like we know these people on a personal level.

Sometimes reality TV stars show us their real side, but there are plenty of times they put on an act for the cameras too. It may come as a surprise that some of the most seemingly unlikable people are actually total sweethearts behind the scenes. Others, however, bring the same drama to their personal lives as they do to the screen.

These are 8 Reality TV Stars Who Are Jerks In Real Life (And 7 Who Are Sweethearts).

15. Jerks: Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag

Spencer Heidi Reality TV Jerks 8 Reality TV Stars Who Are Jerks In Real Life (And 7 Who Are Sweethearts)

If you ask fans of MTV’s hit reality show The Hills how they feel about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag – together known as Speidi – they will likely respond with a massive eye-roll. This is the couple that everyone loved to hate, although nobody could figure out exactly why.

There were feuds and drama with other castmates like in any reality show, but for some reason these two as a couple made everyone want to pull their hair out. On the show they were out of touch with reality, and sadly they haven’t changed a bit since their time on MTV.

Pratt called the cancellation of The Hills their “personal 9/11” and even admitted to being obsessed with fame. Pratt also called himself and Montag “geniuses” and said that their presence on TV was innovating. Unfortunately it’s this attitude that has turned people off from day one, and it seems like it’s not changing.

14. Sweetheart: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Reality TV Sweetheart 8 Reality TV Stars Who Are Jerks In Real Life (And 7 Who Are Sweethearts)

It may come as a surprise that Simon Cowell didn’t fall under the “jerk” category. He made a name for himself judging talent competitions. Most notably his claim to fame in the US was being a judge on the hit show American Idol.

Cowell is no stranger to being a judge, and American Idol wasn’t his first time. He stood out because of his blunt comments and criticisms of the contestants, and he quickly became the one of most simultaneously loved and hated reality TV personalities in the business.

According to Simon’s coworkers, his seemingly harsh personality is all for show. Those who have worked with him sing his praises, including fellow America’s Got Talent host Mel B. Though Mel B and Cowell have a crazy relationship on camera, she maintains that Cowell is “a very lovable guy” whom she enjoys working with. We have to give it to Cowell, he knows how to turn it on for the cameras!