8 Reality TV Stars Who Are Jerks In Real Life (And 7 Who Are Sweethearts)

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Reality TV stars are still a relatively new type of celebrity. Unlike actors or musicians, fans feel like they actually know their favorite reality TV personalities. What we're watching is supposed to be real life, right?

Well, more often than not, even shows based on real events don't tell all. With shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which follows the every move of the Kardashian and Jenner families, it's easy to feel like we know these people on a personal level.

Sometimes reality TV stars show us their real side, but there are plenty of times they put on an act for the cameras too. It may come as a surprise that some of the most seemingly unlikable people are actually total sweethearts behind the scenes. Others, however, bring the same drama to their personal lives as they do to the screen.

These are 8 Reality TV Stars Who Are Jerks In Real Life (And 7 Who Are Sweethearts).

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Spencer Heidi Reality TV Jerks
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15 Jerks: Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag

Spencer Heidi Reality TV Jerks

If you ask fans of MTV's hit reality show The Hills how they feel about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - together known as Speidi - they will likely respond with a massive eye-roll. This is the couple that everyone loved to hate, although nobody could figure out exactly why.

There were feuds and drama with other castmates like in any reality show, but for some reason these two as a couple made everyone want to pull their hair out. On the show they were out of touch with reality, and sadly they haven't changed a bit since their time on MTV.

Pratt called the cancellation of The Hills their "personal 9/11" and even admitted to being obsessed with fame. Pratt also called himself and Montag "geniuses" and said that their presence on TV was innovating. Unfortunately it's this attitude that has turned people off from day one, and it seems like it's not changing.

14 Sweetheart: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Reality TV Sweetheart

It may come as a surprise that Simon Cowell didn't fall under the "jerk" category. He made a name for himself judging talent competitions. Most notably his claim to fame in the US was being a judge on the hit show American Idol.

Cowell is no stranger to being a judge, and American Idol wasn't his first time. He stood out because of his blunt comments and criticisms of the contestants, and he quickly became the one of most simultaneously loved and hated reality TV personalities in the business.

According to Simon's coworkers, his seemingly harsh personality is all for show. Those who have worked with him sing his praises, including fellow America's Got Talent host Mel B. Though Mel B and Cowell have a crazy relationship on camera, she maintains that Cowell is "a very lovable guy" whom she enjoys working with. We have to give it to Cowell, he knows how to turn it on for the cameras!

13 Jerk: Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller Reality TV Jerk

There's no denying that Abby Lee Miller was the most brutal and blunt dance instructor reality TV had ever met on the Lifetime show Dance Moms. She made a name for herself by being the most terrifying woman in the room at all times. As fun as it was to watch the drama in the dance studio, people soon got sick of Miller's constant abuse. It was never "fun" to watch, but after a while her berating lost whatever charm it had.

It seems like Miller's dramatics on TV are now being mirrored in her personal life. She recently started serving a one year prison sentence for multiple counts of fraud, including hiding money in separate bank accounts from her time on Dance Moms. Clearly this took her unlikability factor to whole new levels - we'll see if she can resurrect her career after her time in jail.

12 Sweetheart: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Reality TV Sweetheart

If there's anyone audiences feel like they know personally, it's the Kardashian family. Kris Jenner and her children have been sharing every aspect of their lives with us for over 10 years now, but even still we find ourselves wondering how things really go down when the cameras and phones are turned off.

Fans of Kim Kardashian will be happy to know that family, friends, and even fans who have met her say she's a total sweetheart. Don't let the Taylor Swift drama fool you - it turns out the Queen Kardashian is actually an incredibly down-to-earth, hard-working, all-around nice person.

At meet and greets, Kim is always incredibly genuine when meeting each person. Even Sarah Jessica Parker was impressed, saying that for being such a big celebrity, Kim has incredible focus when it comes to her fans and tries to take time for everyone she can.

11 Jerk: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Mike The Situation Reality TV Jerk

Just because someone has a ridiculous nickname, is self-obsessed, and coined the term "GTL" (gym, tan, laundry) doesn't make them a total jerk, right? Maybe not, but The Situation's jerk-factor goes way beyond his antics on the show Jersey Shore.

For a while The Situation made for really good TV. Most people watched Jersey Shore like they watch a car crash - unable to look away even knowing they should. The cast seemed too ridiculous to be real, but it turns out that The Situation is exactly who we see on camera.

Most of the Jersey Shore cast has grown up now and made names for themselves outside of the fist-pumping, but The Situation can't seem to let it go. He has maintained his cocky attitude and has even made headlines for tax evasion. Hopefully he can find happiness outside of his 15-minutes of fame.

10 Sweetheart: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Reality TV Sweetheart

As much as Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself by ranting at competing chefs in Hells Kitchen, true fans know that it's all just tough love. We especially see Ramsay's soft side on his show MasterChef Jr., where children and teenagers compete in cooking challenges.

Ramsay is also a great sport who knows how to joke about himself. In a sketch called "Hell's Cafeteria" on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Ramsay does a play on his own rants, using the hilarious and now internet famous term "idiot sandwich."

Being on TV is nothing compared to Ramsay's accomplishments as a chef and restaurateur. He even finds time to interact with fans through Twitter on a regular basis. Overall, besides being downright terrifying at times, Ramsay is a great guy.

9 Jerk: Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar Reality TV Jerk

Josh Duggar almost doesn't deserve to be in the "jerk" category. There are many stronger words we could use to describe him, but let's just say he's definitely not a good guy. After the massive success of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars became household names. Things seemed great for the unusually large family, that is until Josh admitted to abusing five girls, including some of his sisters.

After Duggar's admission, TLC first suspended then finally canceled his family's show. He also admitted to cheating on his wife after Ashley Madison records were released to the public. His wife Anna has surprisingly stayed married to him through all of this. It's safe to say Josh Duggar is one of, if not the most hated reality TV star in the business, and for good reason.

8 Sweetheart: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Snooki Reality TV Sweetheart

When Jersey Shore first came out, everyone was amazed at the spectacle that was "Snooki." If we're being honest, she was a total mess. Snooki quickly became the prime entertainment of the show, almost always drunk and getting into trouble. Now that her time on Jersey Shore is over, a lot has changed.

Snooki really turned her life around towards the end of her stint on Jersey Shore. She was working out, eating better, drinking less, and losing tons of weight. She eventually got pregnant, and mom life officially changed her for the better.

While Snooki was never necessarily a bad person, her drinking brought out the worst in her. She is now much healthier and happier, and fans got to know the real Snooki mainly through her spin-off show Snooki & Jwoww, which showed a much more fun, wholesome, and soft side to the reality star.

7 Jerk: Scott Disick

Scott Disick Reality TV Jerk

Scott Disick is arguably the best comic relief in the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but as fans know, his personal problems are nothing to joke about. Everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but it looks like that time is over.

Disick has been in and out of rehab, claimed (and then also denied) he was a sex addict, and it seems it's finally the last straw for everyone. As a 34-year-old father of three, his partying and playboy antics have lost their charm. Fans who have met him while out on the town haven't had favorable experiences.

The Kardashian family is not happy about how Scott is presenting himself in public - especially Kourtney, who worries that her children will see how he's behaving in the tabloids - such as his very public outings with multiple women in Cannes. Kourtney's main concern has always been protecting her children, something that sadly can't be said for Scott.

6 Sweetheart: Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump Reality TV Sweetheart

Lisa Vanderpump is the real deal. Often called "Queen of the Housewives," she really does emulate the rich, classy lifestyle everyone expects of Beverly Hills. It may be easy to envy her, but it's almost impossible to hate her. For living such a lavish life, Vanderpump is incredibly down to earth.

She told Harper's Bazaar, "I'm ready top to toe in 45 minutes." She likes to keep it as simple as she can, and said that confidence is her main goal before anything else in the beauty department. Vanderpump is also a hard-working businesswoman - running three restaurants along with other side businesses.

When asked about beauty secrets she said, "I have no secrets," and went on to talk about how great her professional hair stylists are and how she's had light Botox. Vanderpump doesn't put on any airs and tells everything just like it is, and we love her for it.

5 Jerk: Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Reality TV Jerk

If Teresa Giudice is known mainly for two things - being the Real Housewife who flipped a table, and who went to jail. She was recently released after serving almost a year in prison for a slew of fraud charges. Giudice's dramatic life has definitely given her a reputation, but it turns out she's just as unapologetic in real life too.

Being a hothead on The Real Housewives of New Jersey garnered Giudice a lot of fans, but now many are starting to see her real dark side. Fans were disappointed at how she dealt with her fraud case. It took years and a lot of tax payer dollars for Teresa and her husband to be caught. Giudice claims that her time in jail changed her perspective, but only time will tell.

4 Sweetheart: Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson Reality TV Sweetheart

Randy Jackson's claim to fame in the reality TV world was as a judge on the singing competition American Idol - and boy, could he be tough. Jackson has famously rejected thousands of contestants using the infamous line, "yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg." His job may require him to be the bad guy sometimes, but anyone who has worked with him says otherwise.

When Jackson announced his exit from Amerian Idol, former contestants had plenty to say about their experiences with him. Everyone agreed it was going to be hard to replace him on the judging table. They described Jackson as inspirational, talented, and always honest. One contestant, Jason Castro of season 7, said that while Jackson was a harsh critic, "when he gave you props, it was awesome because you knew he meant it."

3 Jerk: Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Reality TV Jerk

Jenelle Evans was never easy to like, but many fans tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Any girl on the show Teen Moms didn't necessarily have it easy - no matter how well off you are, navigating motherhood as a teenager is a difficult thing to do.

After a while, though, it became clear that Evans wasn't just being dramatic for the camera. People actually began to question how much she really cared about her duties as a mom.

From public fights with her own mother, to Twitter battles, to multiple problems with the law - Evans just can't seem to get along with anybody. We might feel bad for her, but she doesn't seem to care!

Evans has slammed MTV in the past for how they edit her on the show, but judging from her personal battles, it seems that what you see is what you get.

2 Sweetheart: Whitney Port

Whitney Port Reality TV Sweetheart

Whitney Port always seemed like the genuine, down-to-earth friend who balanced out the more dramatic members of The Hills. This was probably the case because originally, Whitney didn't even know she would be on the TV show.

Whitney wanted to make a career of fashion and applied for an internship at Teen Vogue. During the interview process she was asked if she would be comfortable with a camera crew around. Only after she accepted the offer did Whitney realize she was going to be on the Laguna Beach spin-off.

Whitney has even cleared up some of the drama from The Hills. At one point in the show, she was supposedly promoted and became Lauren Conrad's "boss," but Whitney revealed that she was never actually hired by Teen Vogue. Now she juggles mom duties while running her blog.

1 Jerk: Omarosa

Omarosa Reality TV Jerk

Omarosa has a long history of being hated by the public. It mostly started during her time on The Apprentice with Donald Trump - but at least then we still loved to hate her. Now, her relationship with Trump has her in hot water. During Trump's campaign in 2016, Omarosa became his "director of African-American outreach," and everyone let out a collective sigh.

She has been accused by the black community of "aligning herself with racists" just to get ahead. It's no secret that Omarosa will do whatever she can to win, but people think she has taken it too far. Omarosa's recent political ties have lost her a lot of allies in other places, and now that she's out of the White House, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone, will want to work with her next.


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