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House Hunters

If you want to see a true modern-day success of reality TV, look no further than HGTV. House Hunters has been by far the channel's biggest success; it has spun off into just about every single variation of the home-buying topic (such as Tiny House Hunters, House Hunters: International, and House Hunters: RV to name

a few).

However, it was reported back in 2010 that the participants on the show already knew which house they were going to purchase before filming even started. In fact, having already closed on a house was a requirement to do the show!

A few years later, one of the show's subjects came out and told the world just how scripted the series is -- she claimed that producers tried to up the drama in her episode by making the couple lie about their entire backstory in order make their upgrade to a bigger house seem much more dire and urgent. The network has since responded, claiming that the process is much lengthier than most people realize and that they have to film the episodes after the decision is made.

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