10 Reality TV Stars Who Are Now In Movies

There are many forms of acting out there. From movies to TV shows to plays — even some reality shows have come out as scripted (making them not so realistic). The whole point of signing up or trying out for a reality TV show is for a shot at becoming famous. Just think of the cast of Jersey Shore or Laguna Beach. What was once just a silly old reality TV show spiraled into their own personal careers.

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The 10 celebrities below quietly got their start on reality TV shows. From competitions to shows like Real World, they have somehow found a way to stay relevant in front of the camera by following their dreams to stardom. Some of them are so good, in fact, we had totally forgotten where they got their humble starts to begin with!


It's crazy to think that Katharine McPhee got her start on American Idol back in 2006. Although she didn't win the competition, she clearly had enough talent (both in acting and singing) to carry on through Hollywood. Funnily enough, Katharine tried becoming an actress before American Idol but had a hard time getting roles, which was why she turned to singing.

After the competition, Katharine's first acting gig was in a show called Lonelygirl15. From the bottom, she found her way to the top starring movies like House Bunny, You May Not Kiss the Bride, and Bayou Cavier. She's also been apart of very successful TV shows like Smash and Scorpion.


For those who don't remember who David Giuntoli is, he was a big face on MTV. He starred in MTV's Road Rules and The Challenge. Now that he's done pulling off stunts for the camera, he's now in the acting business.

He's been in loads of TV shows (including Grey's Anatomy) but as far as films goes, he was James in Weather Girl, Jared in 6 Month Rule, Dave in Mother's Little Helpers, and more! MTV did well for this action-lover.


Actress Jamie Chung has been in movies like The Hangover II, Office Christmas Party, Big Hero 6, and a ton more. She's also known for her TV work on Sherwood, The Giftedand Gotham. However, before her big-time Hollywood paychecks started rolling in, Jamie was a simple girl on Real World: San Diego! A year after The Real World, Jamie also joined MTV's The Challenge. 

A funny fact about her time on The Real World is that she starred alongside Cameron Eubanks — one of the stars on Bravo's Southern Charm.


It's almost unfathomable that an actor like Jon Hamm got his start on a reality dating show. For starters, we can't imagine Hamm ever having an issue in the dating department. More importantly, he's such a serious actor that it's crazy to imagine him signing up to do reality TV.

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The show was called The Big Date and he appeared on it in 1996. Since the late 90s, Hamm has been in movies like The Jesus Rolls, Between Two Ferns: The Movie, and Tag. And as we all know, he's been in his fair share of TV shows, like Mad Men, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and The Amazing Gayl Pile.


Just like Katharine McPhee, Jennifer Hudson also got her start on American Idol. Although Hudson didn't win the competition (she came in seventh), her fame shot to the top anyway. She's a double threat, being able to both sing and act.

She has come out with hit songs but has also been in movies like Dreamgirls, The Secret Life of Bees, Sex and the Cityand All Rise. Being able to do those two things so wonderfully makes Hudson a busy woman. She most recently wrapped up filming Cats, which everyone can't stop talking about!


Jennifer Hudson isn't the only celebrity who can sing, dance, and act. Justin Timberlake is also on this list after getting his start on The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Justin has come a long way since his Disney days.

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After taking over the pop world with N'Sync, the band broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Justin began singing independently but also dabbled in acting. Since then, megastar Timberlake has appeared in Bad Teacher, Shrek the Third, and The Social Network.


Actress Jacinda Barrett got her start after being on MTV's Real World: London back in 1995. Just three years later she was in her first movie, Immaculate Springs. The Queensland, Australia native then shot to the top, starring in many TV series like D.C., Citizen Baines, and Suits.

 Years after doing TV shows and starring on MTV, Barrett made it to the big time with roles in Middle Men and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. More recently, Barrett has a movie now in post-production called Hide and Seek.


Did you know that Dallas star John Henderson was on a reality show about becoming a pop star before he made it big? The show was called Popstars, a singing/dancing competition where potential stars battled to become the next up-and-coming popstar group.

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Flash forward a couple of years and Henderson is no longer singing and dancing on stage, but he is acting. Besides being on the hit show Dallas, John has also been in Yours, Mine & Ours, Step Upand The Jerk Theory, among other movies.


We all love sweet Lucy Hale from her portrayal of Aria on Pretty Little Liars. Before chasing down 'A', Lucy was actually a contestant on the show American Juniors. The tiny star sure had the pipes, as she was actually a finalist on the show, eventually winning.

Although her talent was unmatched, Lucy turned to acting instead. She was in a bunch of TV shows and TV movies, but being in Scream 4 got her to the big screen. She was also the star in Truth or DareDude, and has five movies in post-production as of this publication!


Believe it or not, Orange is the New Black actress Taryn Manning got her start on the very same reality TV show Josh Henderson was on: Popstars. However, while Josh was in a popstar group, Taryn auditioned...and got cut.

Something tells us she's not crying about it, though, because she's made the big time. She starred as Phyllis in The Brawler, Nola in Hustle and Flow, and who can forget when she starred alongside Britney Spears in Crossroads!

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