10 Best Reality TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

When it comes to reality television shows, there are a lot of different choices out there. From dating shows to cooking shows to competitions, there are a wealth of options. While not all reality shows are available on streaming platforms, many of the most popular ones are. While you might need to have a couple of the most popular streaming services to watch them all, there is something for everyone available for a binge-watch right now.

If you just can’t get enough reality tv, we’ve collected a list of the 10 best reality television series you can watch right now on streaming.

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Some of the best reality shows are cooking ones. While some of these might be competitions, there are others that go more into the history of cooking and the culture behind it. Salt Fat Acid Heat is one of these shows. This series is so great because it follows the four elements that make food delicious and travels to different places around the world to learn about these elements and the cultures surrounding them.

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It also offers a perspective that isn’t always seen in a field dominated mostly by men.


RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race can finally rejoice as the series is back onto a streaming platform. Many of the seasons are now available if you have Amazon Prime. This means you can relive old seasons or just watch them for the first time if you’ve never had the chance. This series is one of the most popular and talked about reality competitions currently, so being able to enjoy old episodes and meet previous contestants is definitely exciting.


Say Yes to the Dress

While some reality tv shows are ones you become fully invested in during each episode, there is another branch that is a bit more relaxed. These kinds of series are perfect for watching when you just want to relax and not think too much about anything.

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Say Yes to the Dress is perfect for this. It’s engaging enough you won’t get bored but also formulaic enough you don’t have to put in too much brainpower if you’re in a more relaxed mood.


Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown on CNN

This series is similar to Bourdain’s original, No Reservations. In this series, he travels to different places all over the world to explore food culture. He seeks to provide a look into food all over that respects different cultures and doesn’t judge them. This is a great show that can provide a lot of knowledge and information about the ways food can unite us but also show individuality. Parts Unknown goes to places all over the world including in the United States.


Queer Eye Season 4

The Queer Eye revival has definitely become somewhat of a phenomenon. While the show might be a makeover show in premise, it’s definitely a lot more than that. The Fab Five provide a lot of love, insight, and inspiration to the people they help as well as to the audience. Seeing a show that focuses on inclusivity and diversity is definitely heartwarming.

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Plus, the Fab Five are all lovable and have unique and engaging personalities that make for a great watch.


90 Day Fiance Anfisa

TLC is no stranger to creating engaging and interesting reality shows. Sometimes, these shows can be controversial, and they are often series that prompt conversation.

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90 Day Fiance might be one of the most compelling as it looks at relationships and how distance, location, culture, and laws can impact one’s ability to be with the person they love. You can stream all of the old seasons on Hulu right now.


The Bachelorette Hannah Brown

The Bachelorette is the current season of the franchise that you can watch on Hulu. While this series is one of the most iconic and talked about reality television shows ever, it’s not higher on the list because you can't watch any older seasons. This season will soon go off of Hulu, but don’t worry. Bachelor in Paradise will start airing and those episodes will then be made available on the platform so you can stay up to date. If you love the drama and messiness of The Bachelor franchise, you won’t want to mess current episodes as they come out.


The Real Housewives is probably one of the strongest reality tv show franchises out there. Luckily, you have choices available to you. Whether you love all the locations equally or have a favorite, Hulu has them available for you. You won’t be able to resist the drama and strange lifestyles of these housewives. If this kind of reality series is what you’re into, Real Housewives is one of the best out there.


Vanderpump Rules Cast

Vanderpump Rules is a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It follows Lisa Vanderpump and some of the employees at her restaurants. If you thought the people from Real Housewives lead dramatic lives, Vanderpump Rules somehow tops it. The people are younger, and their messy relationships continue to shock and entertain. Even though the show has seven seasons, it still feels compelling. The drama always feels fresh which is definitely saying something.


The Great British Bake Off

If reality tv series filled with a lot of drama isn't your favorite, The Great British Bake Off is perfect. Many people love this show as it’s compelling while also being adorable. It has more of a peaceful vibe, and it’s always rewarding to see the way the contestants care about and help each other. Plus, the desserts they make always look amazing, and you might even feel inspired to try baking yourself even if your dishes don’t look even a quarter as good.

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