Real Steel Gets IMAX Release, Plus New Plot Details

A draft script review reveals some plot details on the the robot boxing movie 'Real Steel,' which will be getting an IMAX release.


If the moody Transformers 3 teaser trailer didn't satisfy your need for hardcore robot fighting action, maybe this news will help. According to a press release from Dreamworks, Real Steel, the robot boxing movie starring Hugh Jackman, will be released in IMAX.

In addition to the IMAX news, we also have some new plot details about the film courtesy of a script review from science and pop culture blog io9. The plot details in i09's script review (which may not actually be genuine since io9 reviewed a draft script written before the movie went into production) mesh with the official synopsis sent out this past summer. However, they also hint at a more compelling human drama lurking beneath the flashier premise.

We've broken down most of the pertinent information into bullet points for easier reading. Check them out below. If you don't want to read any potential spoilers, skip past the next section.




  • In the future, human boxing has been outlawed, which is why robot boxing exists. The sport is huge and is popular for gambling. The best robo-boxer is named Colossus, controlled by a kid named Tak Mashido, who always gets first-round KOs.
  • Official robot boxing is expensive and hard to break in to, which is why there's also illegal underground robot boxing. Hugh Jackman plays Charlie, an ex-boxer whose success never matched his determination. Charlie's robots frequently lose and he's in debt to a variety of people.
  • When Charlie's ex-girlfriend dies, he gains temporary custody of their son. Together, the pair reconnect as Charlie begins to gain greater success in the robot boxing world.
  • io9 characterizes the script as "predictable," but "well played," noting that the background subject matter involving robot boxing keeps the story fresh.




Real Steel movie with Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy

Real Steel has been intriguing to me for some time. Sports movies and sci-fi movies rank high on my list of cinematic preferences, and Shawn Levy's film seems to be the perfect marriage between the two.

Even with the somewhat predictable nature of the story (what sports movie isn't predictable?), I think I could end up liking this movie a lot. I loved Hugh Jackman in Darren Aranofsky's The Fountain, and I know the actor is capable of inspiring performances. Perhaps this is a film where he can show off his acting talents once again rather than simply slicing things up with his adamantium claws (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Source: io9

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