Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice Calls Caroline Manzo a Snitch

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice calls fellow New Jersey native and co-star Caroline Manzo a snitch for predicting her fate.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice calls Caroline Manzo a snitch. Teresa could not hold back when it came to throwing punches at her old nemesis while in the middle of her tell-all interview.

Teresa was once known as the table flipping diva of the New Jersey housewives. The reality star rarely thought before she spoke and often came across as a bit dumb when interacting with her fellow cast members. During the earlier seasons of the third installments of the hit franchise, Giudice would seemingly cause trouble then try to play dumb to get out of her devilish moves. Most recently in 2013, both Joe and Teresa found themselves in trouble when they were indicted for filing a false bankruptcy report, trying to hide their wealth. Joe had other charges brought against him as well, also being indicted for failing to file tax returns between 2004 and 2008. While both were found guilty it seemed to many that Teresa paid a high price and was sentenced to 15 months behind bars. Upon the housewives’ release, Joe was to report directly to the federal prison to start his time. Earlier this month Joe was deported back to Italy as the family and awaits the outcome of the appeal.

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On The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Special Event: Joe and Teresa Unlocked Giudice took a low blow stab at former co-star Caroline Manzo. During the interview, Andy Cohen suddenly remembered that Manzo had made a prediction years ago that Joe would be sent to jail and Giudice would have to learn to stand on her own two feet, take care of her children, and in the end divorce her husband. Before the comment registered with fans who were watching Teresa asked allowed wondering how Manzo could have predicted a situation like this, she said, "My thing is, how could she predict that?" She continued, "Does she have anything to do what happened to Joe and I? Is she a rat?"  The comment stunned the usually composed host as Teresa went on to bash Manzo saying maybe she had something to do with what happened. Teresa ’s husband Joe was quick to defend Manzo saying he knew who talked to the feds.

Manzo did not take long to respond to Teresa’s allegations according to a NJ saying that Teresa "has a narcissistic personality," fueling a need to make most situations about her and had not seen her in person since 2013. The 58-year-old mother of three said that Teresa used to be a very "loveable little girl" but since the show had gone down "in a spiral." Manzo made a joke of the rat comment, asking, "Did I miss a ‘Godfather’ script somewhere? Who speaks like that?"

Manzo has made it a mission to not speak about the show or Teresa because that was her past. She stuck to her guns and what she always had said while starring on the show, that she represented the truth and that scared Teresa. Manzo ended her interview with a poignant remark addressing that no one who is around Giudice dares tell her the truth that she desperately needs to hear. Long times fans know that Manzo may have come across as motherly but only because she tried to help Teresa numerous times. It remains to be seen if all of her predictions come true and if Teresa does in fact divorce Joe.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey new season airs November 6 at 8 PM EST on Bravo.


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