Every Single Real Housewives TV Show, Ranked

Sometimes, watching a juicy reality show is just what the pop culture doctor ordered. Ever since The Real Housewives Of Orange County premiered in March 2006 on Bravo, fans have been eager to watch every new season and see what antics the ladies are up to next.

Since then, there have been countless spin-offs. Currently, there are nine Housewives series that are filmed in the U.S., two filmed in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto have gotten their own series), and various international versions. Which ones are worth watching and which can be skipped? Here are nine of the Real Housewives shows, ranked from the least interesting to the most binge-worthy.

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9 Real Housewives Of D.C.

Bravo TV

TV addicts know that sometimes a show that they love only lasts for a single season. It can be pretty devastating. Fans and critics alike praise the characters and storylines, but it, unfortunately, didn't stay on the air thanks to low ratings.

In the case of Real Housewives of D.C., it only lasted for 11 episodes and it just wasn't a very good show. The five housewives and scenarios lacked the captivating drama of the other series in the franchise. When fans talk about the Real Housewives, they definitely don't mention this city. They're more focused on the other, juicier spin-offs.

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8 Real Housewives Of Potomac

Boston University

Coming in at number 8 is The Real Housewives of Potomac. There have been three seasons so far. While there is absolutely conflict between these ladies who live in Potomac, Maryland, the drama doesn't stack up against the other cities.

Many viewers have criticized the show for seeming phony and making the city look bad. That probably wasn't the intention, but this isn't the guilty pleasure viewing that the rest of the Housewives franchise is. The truth is that the location just isn't that thrilling and it doesn't have the beauty of Beverly Hills or New York. We don't need to watch this city, and we can tell others to skip it, too. We take it for granted that there will be a lot of yelling and arguments in this reality TV franchise. There needs to be more going on, too.

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7 Real Housewives Of Miami

The Inquisitr

Number seven on this list is Real Housewives of Miami. It lasted for three seasons, which is slightly better, but honestly, many fans found this show very strange.

Between Adriana's confusing dating life and how the women seemed to genuinely hate each other and not want to be in the same room as one another, this wasn't a Housewives city for the books. Instead of showcasing the lavish vacation moments and the interesting fights that the franchise is known for, Miami fell flat. Fans would definitely do better to check out literally any other version of the popular reality show.

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6 Real Housewives Of Dallas

Dallas Observer

The franchise dipped its toes into Texas in the spring of 2016 and there have been three seasons so far.

Some fans might not even be aware that there is a Dallas version as it's not talked about very often, but it's still worth watching if we're already into this franchise. While none of the cast members are as entertaining as Teresa Giudice, for example, this show still provides a fascinating look into how the wealthy and fabulous in Dallas live. There are fancy parties, two best friends who stop talking for a period of time (that's Brandi and Stephanie), and a mean girl who has to win over the rest of the ladies.

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5 Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Hollywood Reporter

Many people absolutely love watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's not as popular as some of the other cities, which is why it's number five on this list, but it's definitely dramatic.

And since drama is what people want when they tune into reality TV, it sounds like this show is on the right track. There have been a lot of arguments in this show's 11-season history. When a show is on the air for that long, it must be good, right? Fans especially love cast member NeNe Leakes. Atlanta gets lots of points for focusing on two main areas of the women's lives: their relationships and their working lives.

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4 Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


Former child stars Kim and Kyle Richards star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, along with actress Lisa Rinna. This show is number four on this list.

It can't be ranked higher because of one main issue: sometimes, a fight will go on so long that it lasts for almost every episode of the season, and it can be a bit dull to keep watching. But other than that, the show is funny (Lisa Vanderpump provides lots of entertainment with her pink home and many animals), and the ladies go on some amazing vacations. One season, they went to Hong Kong, and it's always cool to watch how the other half vacation. (Hint: they stay in really, really nice places.)

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3 Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Bravo TV

Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of the best reality shows, period. The most famous cast member is none other than Teresa Giudice who was first in the spotlight for throwing a table at another housewife... and then was in the news once again for the legal troubles that she and her husband, Joe, were facing.

RHONJ is, simply put, amazing. It's full of epic drama like the moment mentioned above, plus the continuing saga of Teresa, her brother, and his wife Melissa. While you can tell that this is a family that truly loves each other, they have a hard time showing it sometimes, and there are seasons that focus on the fighting in almost every episode. It's truly worth tuning into. Like the other cities, some of the housewives come and go, like the hilarious and clever Caroline Manzo who is no longer on the show, but the new ladies are always captivating enough to pull viewers in.

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2 Real Housewives Of Orange County

Bravo TV

Vicki Gunvalson is "The O.G. of the O.C." since she has been on the show for its entire run. She is just one reason to tune into Real Housewives of Orange County, which is number two on this list ranking Housewives shows.

The beautiful California setting is just one reason why this show is so enjoyable to watch. The continual friendship highs and lows is a second reason. Fans know that Vicki and her BFF Tamra Judge have had many arguments and tense moments over the years. In almost every single episode, they are either yelling at each other or making up and swearing to never fight again. Do you want a super dramatic show with a beach view? This is it.

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1 Real Housewives Of New York

E! News

Finally, the number one Real Housewives show is the one set in New York. Is there any city more incredible, thrilling, and beautiful than NYC? Most people would say no, and the urban environment provides a perfectly intense backdrop for this equally intense show.

Bethenny Frankel is the most well-known housewife who has been on the show since the beginning. She has since launched her Skinnygirl empire and it's worth watching this show to be inspired by such a strong, independent businesswoman. She's bold and brazen and always has something to say. Every season has a major friendship drama that simply can't be missed. Fans still can't stop talking about the episode on "Scary Island" when former housewife Kelly got so upset that no one (including anyone watching) knew what was going on. Reality TV at its finest.

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