Ranking The Real Housewives Of Orange County Cast

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently in its 14th season, and oh boy, is it a mess. But the beautiful Real Housewives mess that we crave. We got potential assault charges only five episodes into the season, wow! Of course, all of this season’s drama is owed to the ladies of the OC.

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Today, we're going to be taking a look at all of these ladies and ranking them. Not like the mean version where everyone calls each other pigs (like they do on the show), but ranking them based on what they bring to the show.

7 Honorable Mention: Vicki

Vicki Gunvalson The Real Housewives of Orange County

While Vicki did get demoted to only a “friend” this season, she sure is making the most of her presence, she is pulling that train for all it's worth. It's easy to feel bad for Vicki due to the amount of hate she gets from the rest of the cast, but it's also very easy to remember that she's the reason for abuse, literally every single bit of it. This woman's lifeblood is spreading rumors about everyone and then not backing down on them, only to do massive damage control about a month or so later and say she won't do it again. It's a constant cycle with her, she never stops. Well, a power move is a power move. At the very least she's consistent. We'll see if she can make her way back into the fray next season as a main cast member.

6 Kelly

Kelly Dodd in The Real Housewives

Kelly's pretty awful too though, let's get that straight. Do you know what it takes to commit an assault, and then get mad at the victim for being upset, and then go and commit another one to prove your point about how assaulting someone wasn't bad? Because you shouldn't. No one should know what that takes because you shouldn't do it.

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Kelly has shown just how monstrous she can be in past seasons, and she's really just cranked it up a notch in this one. She seems to be at the center of everything this season, so seeing how she manages to handle it moving forward will be quite interesting. Knowing her, it will be handled very poorly.

5 Tamra

Another entry into our awful little trio so far, we have Tamra. Why anyone still trusts Tamra after all these seasons is just impossible to understand. She's proven time and time again that she betrays just about everyone that ever gets close to her. She's just mean too. Another mystery is why Shannon would even want to be friends with Tamra after how she treated her throughout the divorce, in her most vulnerable moments. She's just cold to an unnecessary degree. Tamra is a great drama starter, which is why she's managed to remain on the show for so long. The fact that she still has friends, though, is just shocking. Has there ever been a time when she's not revealed someone's secrets the second she was told them?

4 Gina

Gina Kirchenheiter The Real Housewives of Orange County

Gina is an all out disaster this season, terrific. While she's trying to manage things the best she can, she's dealing with a divorce and a DUI at once, now that's a double whammy. Granted, one of those things could have been avoided by not getting a DUI, but semantics.

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Overall, she hasn't caused too many problems lately, and has even patched things up with Shannon since their blowout last season. While she did get in somewhat of a fight with Emily, things seem to be patched up there for now. She was also Kelly's second assault victim, so that's a nice little distinction to have. Overall, Gina's in a pretty okay position right now.

3 Emily

Emily Simpson on Andy Cohen

Emily is certainly more fun to watch now than she was in her debut season. Mainly because of how horrible her husband has treated her, you really just want to root for her at this point. She's really been doing her best to have good relationships with everyone this season, even if she's still not in the best of positions with Shannon. It's just very sad watching her try her best to be a good wife while Shane constantly drags her down for no reason at all. She's become a lot more likable this season, so let's hope that she keeps that momentum for the rest of the season.

2 Braunwyn

Braunwyn Windham-Burke The Real Housewives of Orange County

Honestly, how can an entrance get better than being forced to issue a statement about you and your husband's threesomes? She really did what she had to do. Braunwyn is so far, a nice addition to the cast. While choosing to add the entire cast of Cheaper by the Dozen seemed like a weird choice at first, it's working. While she's generally a nice person, she's not afraid to jump into the drama when she needs to, exactly what we need out of a housewife. She's already gotten into the thick of it with a few of the ladies. Most first seasons are pretty bumpy, but she's doing pretty well so far. We'll see how she makes it throughout the rest of the nonsense parties that will most certainly be happening throughout the rest of the year before we give our final judgment, though.

1 Shannon

Shannon is the best housewife that Orange County has to offer right now. This season is not Shannon's first rodeo, she's absolutely not afraid to get into it with any of these women if need be. At the same time, she's also a very genuine person who truly cares about her friends. While she had a rough couple of seasons dealing with David, she came out an upbeat and positive person at the end of it. Her confessionals are always filled with laughs, and she's never afraid to make fun of herself. In a group of very vicious women, Shannon stands out as a breath of fresh air amongst them, which is why she easily takes the number one spot on the list.

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