10 Real Housewives Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

It's Saturday night and it's time to relax, and for loyal fans of the Real Housewives franchise, there's not much that is more enjoyable than a new episode of the city currently on the air. Even if someone doesn't flip a table over, there's going to be more than enough drama to go around in pretty much every scene.

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Sometimes you see a meme and it just makes your day because it's so smart or it's so easy to relate to. There are tons of amazing memes based on this popular reality TV franchise. Here are 10 Real Housewives memes that are too hilarious for words.

10 That Table Flip

You can't talk about the Real Housewives without talking about the episode when Teresa Giudice flipped a table over. In the sixth episode of the first season (and also the season finale), Teresa gets so pissed off at Danielle Staub that she can't help but take her anger out on that poor, innocent table.

It's a pretty bonkers scene and will never really make sense. Everyone was at a fancy gathering and the table had tons of plates and glasses on it. But, hey, this is the kind of drama that fans love. And this meme is so hilarious since it reminds us of that strange, drama-filled moment.

9 All About The Drama

Speaking of drama... This is another Real Housewives meme that is too hilarious for words because it's just so true. How many cast members state over and over again when talking to the camera that a dramatic life just isn't for them? How many swear that they just want to have a good time and chill out?

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Well, drama always finds these ladies, and that's why fans keep watching. The added touch of Kyle Richards, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, holding up a magnifying glass is too good.

8 Time For Carbs

It seems like every time the cast members go on a vacation, there's a super crazy and loud argument in a restaurant. Anyone who happens to be there looks on, feeling the awkward vibes, and everyone watching it at home can't believe that they're acting this way in public.

Can you even imagine saying something like this to someone?! When Kim Richards said this to Lisa Rinna, it was hilarious. Of course, fans will remember that this episode got even more nuts when Lisa actually pitched a glass at Kim. Oops. Maybe eating bread wouldn't be the worst idea...

7 Sometimes, This Is So True

It's a sad fact of being a reality TV fan that sometimes episodes don't deliver all of the promised drama. After watching Teresa flip the table and the countless screaming matches between the cast members over the years, it's a shame when you sit down to watch the latest episode... and it's kind of dull.

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This is a hilarious meme since every fan has felt this way from time to time. But, hey, tuning into every single episode and sitting on the edge of your seat and anticipating the upcoming fights is part of the fun.

6 What Ettiquette?

The fourth season of Real Housewives of Dallas is starting this fall, and fans will get to see more of Cary Deuber, although she will be a "friend" rather than a regular member of the cast. This meme is so great since it's funny at first and then it just becomes confusing.

This sounds a lot like the famous tag lines that open each episode: it's a fairly ridiculous statement that somehow sounds clever. It's hard to imagine someone other than a Real Housewife saying the phrase "carnival etiquette." Is that a thing? What would that even mean? 

5 We Love Lisa Vanderpump

When people found out that Lisa Vanderpump would be saying goodbye to RHOBH, it was definitely sad. She's been there from the very start and to many people, she is the Real Housewives franchise.

This awesome meme features Lisa and her beloved dog, who we always love seeing. It's truly hard to believe that Lisa will really be gone from the series, but at the same time, fans understand since Lisa had a really difficult time on the last season of RHOBH.

4 Lisa Rinna Is Always On It

Many people loved watching Lisa Rinna on Melrose Place, and she's been in countless movies and TV shows since. She is great as Logan's mom on Veronica Mars (and her character is even married to Harry Hamlin, her husband in real life).

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Lisa Rinna is a breath of fresh air on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since she's surprisingly down-to-earth despite her wealthy actress lifestyle. But even though she does claim to be chill and does seem pretty normal, there are moments on the show when she grills the other ladies about the drama in their lives. This clever, hilarious meme brings up four times when she got a little too personal.

3 A Vacation Is Always A Good Idea

"The OG of the OC" Vicki Gunvalson is always saying completely out there (and completely hilarious) statements. Even just looking at this meme of her saying "There's a lot going on, I need a vacation" is enough to make fans smile.

People often joke about going on "a vacation after your vacation" since actually relaxing and de-stressing is often a lot easier said than done. Maybe we can take a "vacation" and binge-watch the Real Housewives? Sounds pretty good.

2 Gross (But True)

The women on RHOD really don't like LeeAnn Locken and their feud is an ongoing storyline. Specifically, Brandi Remond and Stephanie Hollman, who are super close friends, aren't big fans of LeeAnn.

This hilarious meme cuts right to the heart of the matter: while it's true that they keep telling LeeAnn that she "needs help," Brandi and Stephanie can't stop having conversations about bathroom subjects that are better left unspoken.

1 Work Life

Everyone has had a job that they didn't really enjoy at one point or another, and someone created a hilarious Real Housewives memes taking that concept and adding in fan favorite Lisa Rinna.

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Lisa Rinna is definitely really fabulous, and that's why she's such a solid part of the series. Now that Lisa Vanderpump is gone, Lisa Rinna has to keep being her amazing self. And we'll continue tuning in.

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