Real Housewives’ Kandi Burruss Reveals She Lost One of Her Twins During Pregnancy

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Kandi Burruss, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, waited until the show's 12th season premiere to reveal that she lost one of her twins during her pregnancy via surrogacy. The R&B star and mother of two is expecting her first child through surrogacy after having two natural childbirths.

The Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter joined the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2009. Burruss' initial storyline followed her engagement to her ex-boyfriend A.J. and her efforts to revive her music career. During her first season on the show, she developed a feud between Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak over her single "Tardy for the Party". By season three, Zolciak and Burruss continued recording music together, before they started clashing over their creative differences. In later seasons, Burruss became close with castmates Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams and even gave Porsha a role in her stage-play, A Mother's Love. However, during her pregnancy with son Ace Tucker, Kandi got into a feud with Phaedra over unpaid production fees that Parks allegedly owed Kandi's husband, Todd Tucker. Their beef only heightened after Phaedra was caught lying on Kandi about her alleged force of a sexual tryst with Porsha. The messy lies led to Phaedra's removal from the franchise while Kandi and Porsha have struggled to get their friendship back on track.

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Last season, Kandi shared her struggle with wanting another child despite passing the age of 40 and being reluctant to accept the possibility of childbirth through surrogacy. She ultimately decided to move forward, but it took some time to get her husband on board with the decision. Now, during the season 12 premiere on Sunday, Kandi shared the heartbreaking news that her surrogate lost one of the twins she was carrying. “We actually [were] supposed to be having twins, and then one of them didn’t continue,” the 43-year-old revealed during the Sunday, November 3, episode. “I was sad at first, but then I just had to be grateful that one made it.” During her confessional, The Xscape member shared her conflicting feelings on surrogacy:

“To allow somebody to carry my child inside of them? It was a tough decision to make. … I just feel like this whole situation is strange. I don’t get to be excited about the first kick. I don’t get to be excited about, ‘Oh, now my baby bump is showing.’ I don’t get to be excited even about my boobs filling up with milk.”

Kandi Buruss on Real Housewives

The loss of one of her twins comes after Burruss revealed in September that she is expecting her third child via surrogacy. Burruss welcomed her 3-year-old son, Ace, in 2016 with her husband, Todd Tucker, after previously giving birth to her 17-year-old daughter, Riley, with her ex Russell “Block” Spencer in 2002. Tucker also has a daughter from a previous relationship name Kaela. It was one year ago when the reality TV star told Us Weekly about her and the production manager’s surrogacy plans. “We did find someone, and right now we are in the process - you know it hasn’t been done - but we’re in the process,” the "No Scrubs" songwriter said at the time. “We have two embryos that are still left from when we had Ace. So, we have two embryos left and we know they’re girls.” 

At the time, Burruss admitted how she felt “nervous and kinda scared” about the pregnancy. “Like, I don’t have anybody who can tell me [about it]. When we were going through the IVF process, I did have a couple of friends who had done it, so, you know, I could talk to them, but this is a situation where I don’t have anybody I can talk to,” she said. We're happy to hear that the Tucker's are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their new family member, and we're sure Bravo cameras will be there to capture all the details.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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