Camille Opens Up About Feeling Ganged Up On By RHOBH Cast

Camille Grammer on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Camille Grammer opened up about how she felt ganged up on by the rest of the ladies during the latest season.

In Grammer’s first season, she was known for her attitude, which led to many catfights between herself and the rest of the cast. After her public divorce from actor Kelsey Grammer, she took a hiatus from the show, reappearing as a guest. She returned this following season and viewers followed along as Grammer became engaged and married to David Meyer in a lovely Hawaiian ceremony, watched the forest fires that devastated California claim her mansion in Malibu, and stirred up drama among the group. Meanwhile, all the housewives had a falling out with Lisa Vanderpump, except for Grammer, who stood by Vanderpump’s side, leaving the other ladies feeling abandoned.

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During their reunion (via: The Hollywood Gossip), Grammer made a hasty exit from the couch after one final blowout with the ladies. Andy Cohen quickly chased after her to try and lure her back to the set, but Grammer later said she had felt as if she had been “set up” and started to cry. It seems that the women’s animosity had to do with Camille still speaking to Vanderpump after her scandal. She said, “They're just so nasty, and they've been wanting me to jump on this hate train with [Lisa] Vanderpump.” As the host, Cohen tried to explain that before the couch argument, Kyle Richards only wanted to try and patch things up with Grammer. But because of her exit, Richards does not think Grammer would be receptive to hear anything she had to say.

Camille Grammer new home Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

While Cohen tried his best to comfort an upset Grammer, the rest of the cast was still stunned by what had transpired. All the women agreed that Grammer had been acting very two-faced and seemed to be reverting back to her old ways; when Grammer returned to the stage, she opened up about how hard the past year had been for her. Not only had Grammer lost her house, she had also been dealing with her mother’s illness and the loss of her assistant. The rest of the housewives seemed to understand she had struggled, but also agreed that a hard year does not allow for bad behavior.

Grammer still refused to take any blame regarding her comments on Dorit Kemsley’s financial situation, implying that the couple was claiming bankruptcy. Denise Richards addressed her grievance with Grammer by yelling, “This is where we think before we speak, Camille!"  Toward the end of the hour, the rest of the ladies tried to explain to Grammer that she was not being ganged up on, but needed to realize that she had said extremely hurtful words to each one of them. Grammer then finally seemed to connect the dots and apologize for being wrong; between some more tears, she said: “I'm sorry if I've been cruel.”

The roller coaster of the past season has left viewers wondering which housewives will return for season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With Vanderpump’s abrupt exit, Richards to star in the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210, and Grammer’s hurt feelings, it's difficult to say who will be back to keep up with the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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Source: The Hollywood Gossip

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