Andy Cohen Reveals Inside Info About Hosting the Real Housewives Reunion Shows

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen, the host of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohenand executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise is opening up to fans about the reality of filming the reunion Tell All episodes. He spills behind the scenes secrets.

Cohen, who is now synonymous with the Real Housewives franchise and his late-night talk show on Bravo, started out at Bravo as the vice president of programming. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen then became a second gig to his day job in 2009, and then the show expanded into a successful weeknight series. He is very closely related to the Real Housewives as Andy hosts all of the franchise's reunion shows at the end of each season of each show. He interviews the housewives, getting them to recount the drama and memorable moments of conflict on the show. As executive producer, host, and oftentimes friend to the housewives, he's built special bonds with each of the shows and cast.

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He recently went to the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen official YouTube channel to answer fan's juiciest questions. The questions started with a fan asking how hard is it to stay neutral at the Real Housewives' reunion show. Cohen replied, "It is getting harder. I feel like I jump in. I feel like I used to say absolutely nothing." He acknowledged that fans have pointed out that over the years, Cohen has been talking more during the reunions shows, but in his defense, Cohen explained, "I really try to let everyone's voice be heard and try to mediate - if I can." 

Another fan asked the host how often the cast takes breaks during a typical reunion episode, and Cohen explained, "It depends on the city." Then he went on to explain that it's a lot more breaks than he would want, ideally. Cohen says, "I get very upset because it's a very long day. And you're sitting with six or seven women, and someone invariably has to pee." He goes on to explain every bathroom break inevitably leads to the women bringing the glam team in to freshen up hair and makeup before continuing on. Cohen explains these constant breaks are what irritates him because the touch-ups take "at least 6 minutes because you will have the stage descended on by literally like 15 glam [people] doing hair and makeup." That's clearly a bit extra considering that Cohen claims that it's an hourly thing.

Even though Andy maintains that he really tries to stay neutral during all of the Real Housewives reunion shows as an executive producer of the shows and obviously had special relationships with some of the housewives, some fans think that he shows obvious bias toward certain housewives. Right now, there is The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of Potomac airing, which means he will be sitting down with the ladies of those shows for the reunion at the end of the season.

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