Real Housewives: Andy Cohen Talks Most Cringe-Worthy Moment in Show’s History

Andy Cohen The Real Housewives Producer

The Real Housewives of New York executive producer Andy Cohen talked about the most cringe-worthy moment in the show’s history. Andy, like other viewers, had to cover his eyes while watching this particular scene.

The Real Housewives of New York City first aired in March of 2008 on Bravo and has had its fair share of awkward moments between the affluent New York City women. There have been plenty of cringe-worthy encounters over the last 11 years the show has been on the air, including in season 12 when Luann de Lesseps sat across from the man she accused Bethenny Frankel of having an affair with and forced him to apologize. Then again, there was also that moment in season 7 when Sonja Morgan tried to rip a guy's shirt open with her teeth and her tooth flew out of her mouth. The current season has had its ups and downs, but through all of the rough times, there was plenty of room for awkward encounters to propel the show forward, and this season may hold the show's most cringe-worthy moment yet.

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 In part two of the reunion of The Real Housewives of New York City, Andy addressed the housewives with some of their shameful behavior throughout the season - namely the infamous charity event that. Ramona Singer hosted in honor of survivors of childhood sexual abuse (via: TooFab). Andy stated that he has “seen a lot of cringe-worthy moments on this franchise. The NY Loves Kids event was as cringe-worthy as it gets.” Andy posted the clip on his Twitter, stating that it is so awkward that viewers will have to "watch with one eye open." Ramona called forward Sonja and Dorinda during the speech and, through their bickering, all three ladies made complete fools of themselves in front of a party of around 120 people. The focus of the event made their bickering stand out even more. Check out the tweet below:

Sonja and Dorinda we're invited to stand up with her because she had made them honorary members of the board. What followed was a cringe-worthy moment when Ramona repeatedly botched the guest of honor’s name, calling her Birdie instead of Bridie, then interrupted her before bickering with the other women. When Andy asked why they would act like that, Dorinda stated that Ramona didn’t want to share the spotlight. That said Ramona did defend the event by saying "it was successful, that's the good news."

Fans can expect to see plenty of bickering between the women on the show, but during a high-class charity event, it seemed almost too horrible to watch for some viewers. That said, the women clearly know how to bring the drama, and it's certainly possible that the next season on The Real Housewives of New York City will bring just as much awkwardness and outrageous behavior.

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Source: TooFab, Andy Cohen

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