Where You Can Watch The Real Bros Of Simi Valley Season 2 Online

The Real Bros Of Simi Valley

Here’s how fans of The Real Bros Of Simi Valley can watch season 2 of the spoof series online. The Real Bros Of Simi Valley is the brainchild of actor Jimmy Tatro who is best known for his role in season 1 of Netflix mockumentary American Vandal. Whereas American Vandal parodies true crime documentaries, The Real Bros Of Simi Valley lampoons ‘reality’ TV shows like the Real Housewives franchise and its many spinoffs but focuses on a group of millennial age bros living in southern California.

The Real Bros Of Simi Valley follows a foursome of best bros – Xander (Tatro), Duncan (Nick Colletti), Bryce (Tanner Getter) and Wade (Cody Ko) – who are in their late twenties but never evolved past high school despite graduating ten years ago. It began life as a four-episode project in 2017 released on Jimmy Tatro’s YouTube channel and its first season was self-financed by the actor, who also directs, co-writes and produces the series. Tatro’s investment paid off and season 1 gained a legion of fans and received a Shorty Award nomination for Best Web Series.

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The success of season 1 also caught the eye of Facebook Watch and The Real Bros Of Simi Valley found a new home on the streaming platform for its second season. Thanks to the move to Facebook, the show more than doubled in size with a ten-episode season and bigger budget. It also meant even more reality spoof hilarity like a jealous Bryce trying to start a fight with Xander’s son - called Hawk, naturally - at the kid’s first birthday party because he looks like he ‘wants to throw baby hands.’

The Real Bros Of Simi Valley

Fans of the show are in luck as all ten episodes of The Real Bros Of Simi Valley season 2 are currently available to view on Facebook Watch via the show’s official page. For those just discovering the series who would like to catch up on the events of season 1, the four episodes that make up the first season of The Real Bros Of Simi Valley are available on Jimmy Tatro’s YouTube channel, Life According To Jimmy.

Viewers who got hooked on The Real Bros Of Simi Valley during season 1 had to wait quite a while until season 2 finally arrived – over a year and a half, in fact. Luckily fans won’t have as long a wait this time as Jimmy Tatro tweeted back in May that The Real Bros Of Simi Valley season 3 will be released in the winter of 2019.

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