Ready Player One Images Tease Spielberg's Dystopian Adventure

Set photos from Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One adaptation showcase the dystopia of the real world with dirtied up vehicles in the streets.

Ready Player One Cover Art

Steven Spielberg has been filming his adaptation of the novel Ready Player One for the better part of a month now, well ahead of the movie's March 2018 premiere. Based on the popular book by Ernest Cline, it tells the story of players of the virtual reality game Oasis who embark on an Easter egg hunt that leads to its late founder's vast fortune. Being a Spielberg project, it isn't surprising that it attracted a noteworthy cast that includes the likes of Tye Sheridan, Simon Pegg, T.J. Miller, and Spielberg's new muse Mark Rylance.

Since the film still has a ways to go before its release, Warner Bros. is in no rush to begin officially marketing Ready Player One. However, being an anticipated work in the 21st century, there were bound to be eyes on the filming locations anxious for a look of what the director has in store. Now, some set images have been posted, highlighting the dystopian setting of the universe.

Coming courtesy of Twitter user I Choose Birmingham, the pictures showcase how the area of Digbeth has been altered to portray the year 2044, which in the source material is when an energy crisis leads to economic stasis and widespread social issues. The dirtied up vehicles (and some of the captions) clearly illustrate that the real world is a little worse for wear, which is why Oasis is so appealing to many. Check out the photos below: