As his career has progressed, Steven Spielberg has displayed a mastery of the historical drama genre, delivering Oscar contenders such as War Horse, Lincoln, and Bridge of Spies. But as most film fans know, Spielberg is essentially the godfather of the Hollywood blockbuster, establishing himself as a filmmaking force with works like Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial. His upcoming adaptation of the novel Ready Player One is seen by many as Spielberg returning to his roots, since he described the film as “a big rockin’ adventure movie.” For longtime fans, it will be nice to see him back in that wheelhouse.

Spielberg has commenced principal photography on Ready Player One, and last month some set images illustrated how the director was going to portray the dystopian future of the source material. Now, more photos and videos have emerged on social media, placing a spotlight on the project’s retro pop culture element with street graffiti that’s sure to conjure up feelings of nostalgia.

ComingSoon rounded up a collection of tweets taken from the Birmingham filming locations, which include looks at Spielberg directing members of the cast. You can check them all out below:

The ones that are sure to draw the most interest from viewers are the pictures of the “set dressings,” which depict some iconic touchstones of the 1970s and 1980s zeitgeist. A main aspect of the Ready Player One book is references to popular films from that era, which obviously include those of Spielberg. The director had mentioned in the past that he had toned that down for the movie, but it’s great to see he didn’t do a complete purge. With the shark from Jaws and Gizmo from Gremlins (which Spielberg produced) on the walls, he is taking enjoyment out of paying homage to his own legacy. Viewers who grew up in that time should get a kick out of all the little nods, such as the Thunder Cats decoration.

Another thing that’s readily apparent from these images is that Spielberg has done a great job of capturing the look and feel of Ready Player One‘s “real world.” The story is set in the year 2044, where an energy crisis has crippled the planet, causing numerous social and economic problems. One definitely gets that impression taking a look at the pictures, and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together for the final product. The characters of Ready Player One take to the virtual reality OASIS to escape their troubles, and it’s easy to see why.

Spielberg had an uncharacteristic box office flop this past summer when The BFG grossed just $54.8 million domestically. However, that’s not a sign that the legendary director has lost his fastball when it comes to crafting commercially viable films. Ready Player One should be another Spielberg hit thanks to the popularity of the novel, the timeliness of the narrative, and a friendly March 2018 release date. It doesn’t have much in the way of competition currently, and considering the word-of-mouth is there, the movie should be an entertaining romp that harkens back to Spielberg’s old blockbusters. If nothing else, this is a great test to see if he’s still “got it” ahead of Indiana Jones 5.

Ready Player One opens in U.S. theaters March 30, 2018.

Source: Various (via ComingSoon)

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