Ready Player One's Firefly Cameo Revealed in TV Spot

Ready Player One has too many Easter Eggs to count, but the title ship of Firefly is confirmed to be one of them. The demand for a reunion and revival of Joss Whedon's space cowboy adventure series has never faded, despite no rumblings of it coming to fruition. So fans will have to take come comfort in the fact that the love for Firefly and its spaceship star, Serenity, is alive and well in the fiction of Ready Player One (finally rubbing elbows with true space royalty).

The full list of Ready Player One Easter Eggs will only arrive with the movie's release and, judging from early buzz, will take years to expand and catalogue. Thankfully, fans won't need to worry about spotting the ship of Nathan Fillion's Captain Malcolm Reynolds, as a TV spot for the movie has already revealed exactly where to look (don't worry, fans will have another chance to see it in action).

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The TV spot got special attention on Reddit, depicting a stream of spaceships heading towards a distant world. The sign orbiting the planet reveals it is The Distracted Globe: the name of the zero-gravity nightclub in the novel that's featured prominently in marketing. Apparently the location where Parzival meets/dances with Art3mis has been re-imagined as a separate planet for the film.

That requires accessing the club via spaceship for some - opening the door to a few fantastic sci-fi Easter Eggs and cameos.

The shot above shows a caravan of spacecraft making their descent to the planet, including nods to Battlestar Galactica, and confirmation that Ready Player One has Star Wars Easter Eggs. But the ship swooping into the shot is the real star for many sci-fi fans, unmistakable thanks to its silhouette and engine placement.

It's an Allied Spacecraft mid-bulk transport, Firefly Class. Since the user's of the Oasis base their looks and transportation around beloved pop culture properties, it's safe to assume that's a replica of Serenity herself, piloted by at least one superfan of the short-lived TV show.

The iconic ship can also be spotted during the final battle sequence of the movie, so eagle-eyed fans will want to keep their peepers peeled for Serenity's official markings (and maybe even a cameo from Mal). That sequence is already confirmed to feature more Easter Eggs, cameos and references than may ever be identified, with every single character, vehicle, or creature presumed to be based on a pre-existing property.

The space sequences are fewer and less crowded by comparison, so fans may actually stand a chance of being able to categorize each and every famous ship they feature. The wealth of nostalgia and undying love of pop culture is the backbone of Ready Player One's story, but this Firefly cameo shows that there is still a suspension of disbelief required.

Because let's be honest: if the Oasis were real, at least HALF the spaceships flying through the virtual space would be Fireflies. Browncoats are nothing if not committed.

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Source: Reddit

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