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Samara Weaving and Ready or Not

Is Ready or Not 2 happening, and if so, when will it release and what will the story be about? Recent years have seen basic concepts turn into fantastic and enjoyable films, and Ready or Not is the latest movie that follows that trend. Based on a script from Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett crafted a movie that uniquely delved into black comedy and horror (though it can easily be categorized as a thriller), and it worked.

Taking the simple idea of seeing a game of Hide and Seek play out on-screen, Ready or Not ups the ante by making the stakes real, with a supernatural twist to boot. It's not the first time that the children's game has been adapted on the big screen; most of the movies that used the game as a basis have also been in the horror genre. However, Ready or Not takes the premise that seems ludicrous on the surface and turns it into a wild ride, which is why fans have been wondering if the story will continue in Ready or Not 2.

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It's clear that Ready or Not resonated with critics and moviegoers alike, earning a Rotten Tomatoes score of 87% (with an average rating of 7.19) and an audience score of 80%, with most people applauding Samara Weaving's performance as the titular star, Grace. So given its critical and commercial success - it's earned over $20 million thus far, based on an estimated production budget of $6 million - will Ready or Not ultimately get a sequel? Here's what we know about Ready or Not 2.

Ready Or Not 2 Updates & Release Date Info

Samara Weaving in Ready or Not

Ready or Not 2 hasn't been given the greenlight yet, and it's perhaps too early to tell if it will even move forward. Ready or Not is a Fox Searchlight movie that entered development many years ago, but now that Disney owns 21st Century Fox, the Mouse House may not be willing to shell out money for a sequel. Even though they want Fox Searchlight to continue doing what they've been doing, the acclaimed studio is very much under new leadership now.

Furthermore, Fox Searchlight isn't known for producing sequels, seeing as their movies are primarily one-and-done, awards-focused films. But that's not to say that there isn't a precedence, since 28 Days Later ultimately got a sequel in 28 Weeks Later and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was followed up with The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Ready or Not is certainly successful enough, in the general sense, to be worthy of Ready or Not 2, but there's no telling at the moment if it will happen. If it does, it could certainly release within two years - in late 2021.

Ready Or Not 2 Story Details

Story-wise, Ready or Not wraps up Grace and the Le Domas family's stories quite well, even though quite a few questions remain unanswered. Still, there's more than one way in which Ready or Not 2 can continue the overarching narrative. Grace's story seemingly ended when Le Bail allowed her to leave the house without exploding, as had happened to the rest of the Le Domas family, but that could be because she simply won the game. However, she did legally marry Alex Le Domas, so she might still be a part of the family even though she wanted a divorce. A sequel could see her marry someone else and then be forced to play Hide and Seek with that person.

Another, and perhaps more likely, scenario is that Ready or Not 2 could explore other rich families who've sold their souls to the devil. One of the alternative Ready or Not endings that were considered (via Bloody Disgusting) is one in which two people walked into a ballroom filled with other rich people at a sort of Le Bail conference, thus implying that the people who control the world's wealth have all made deals with Le Bail. That angle could be explored in a potential Ready or Not 2, but again, whether the sequel actually happens remains to be seen.

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