Hostel 3 On Its Way Minus Eli Roth

Hostel 3 Will Go On Without Eli Roth, but who's listening?

It's been announced that the Hostel 3 project is moving forward under Lionsgate's watch, regardless of how many times Eli Roth has said he's all tortured out.

Hostel I and II made their mark on our now damaged psyche and Lionsgate looks like it's trying to ride the momentum from the first two films and head right on into a third film, but Eli Roth will not be, as far as anyone can tell, be part of this third chapter of horror. Well, "momentum" might be too strong a word since the second film brought in a whopping $35 million.


Back in May of 2007, in an MTV interview a defiant Roth said (Are you listening Lionsgate?) "There’ll be no more sequels. Ever. There are no more ‘Hostels”. He further added, “There is ‘Hostel’ and ‘Hostel 2’ and that’s it. It’s like ‘Kill Bill Volume 1’ and ‘Kill Bill Volume 2.’” Hmm, I hate it when people are vague about their thoughts.

Eli thinks trilogies just don't work as he pointed out 3rd installments like Beyond Thunderdome and Spider-Man 3. Nothing like being called out as anti-examples. Of course in his case a second movie didn't work very well, never mind a third.

I'm not sure if he completed his "comedy" called Trailer Trash which is a compilation of fake movie trailers (and expansion of what was shown in Grindhouse) that all tie in together to tell some tale he's telling. (Comedy? Roth? Now I'm frightened.) It's been reported to be coming out in August of this year, but for the moment, I can't pin down any recent news to verify that, so I'm not holding my breath. The other project is supposed to be a PG-13 rated sci-fi-action flick.

The only thing I can say is that whatever takes his fancy, Eli Roth will do, and it won't be trilogies.

As he said on his own blog on May 4th: "I'm only going to make ideas that excite me. Period. Some of those ideas are R rated, some of them are G rated, and some of them are in between. ... I'm only going to do an idea that I'm so fired up about it won't let me sleep at night. And I've had crazy insomnia working on this new project. Major announcement coming soon. Stay tuned."


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