RDR2: Who Is Gavin, And 9 Other Burning Questions, Answered

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for several months by now, but the adventure and delight it is providing to gamers has not ceased. To call Red Dead Redemption 2 a good game would be an insult. It is a fantastic game. It is a phenomenal game. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game that keeps on giving long after you have finished the story. However, if you haven't delved so deeply into every nook and cranny of Red Dead Redemption 2, you might have missed a few answers to mysteries you encountered along the way. Read on if you want some of those mysteries solved.

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10 Who Is The Night Creature Haunting Saint Denis?

There is a vampire lurking in the streets of Saint Denis. This vampire apparently has a fondness for wall art. After finding five pieces of graffiti around the city, players will be able to encounter this vampire down an alleyway in the dead of night. The vampire won't attack immediately. But rest assured, he is unhappy to be interrupted in his night-time feeding. Players must survive his attacks, and if they do, they will be able to pick up an Ornate Dagger. Be careful. The vampire can end Arthur Morgan/John Marston with a single stroke. He should be fought with caution.

9 What Is The Secret Of Emerald Ranch?

Several characters drop hints that things are not as they seem at Emerald Ranch. Gossip abounds regarding the rancher's daughter, Miriam Wegner. Plus, on dark evenings, Miriam can be seen staring through the window on the ranch's upper floor. As it turns out, Miriam is held in the ranch against her will by her spiteful uncle. Her uncle, Eugene, shot up Miriam's lover Joshua at the saloon years ago. He also made the decision to keep Miriam locked up. Players can get into a fistfight with Eugene Wegner with impunity. The neighbors apparently don't look too kindly on the man who trapped Miriam in her own house.

8 Where Is Marko Dragic's Robot?

Marko Dragic is an inventor that Arthur Morgan meets in Saint Denis. He boasts to Arthur that he is on the verge of a breakthrough. He invites Morgan to his lab up north where he shows him a robot work-in-progress. If Morgan visits Dragic's lab later on, the inventor's deceased body will be found on the floor with no robot in sight. If you use a red electric lantern left at the lab to show you the way, you will find the robot way up in the mountains north of Spider Gorge. In a fit of existential angst, the robot rebelled against his creator, only to trudge to the snowy north to rust away alone.

7 Who Exactly Is Gavin?

At several locations that the Van der Linde Gang visits, Arthur Morgan will run into a man named Nigel desperately looking for his friend Gavin. The man cries, "Gavin! Gavin, where are you?" He keeps turning up, wailing for his friend. It makes you wonder who in the world Gavin is. As of this writing, the character of Gavin has not been found.

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However, if players are cruel enough to slay Nigel, they can find a letter he was about to send off to his family. This letter reveals that Nigel has been lying to his family about his and Gavin's wealth out west. Maybe Nigel had something to do with Gavin's disappearance.

6 What Is That Strange Howling On Roanoke Ridge?

While riding your horse through Roanoke Ridge, an odd howling can be heard reverberating through the woods. It does not sound like a regular wolf's howl. Upon further inspection of the source of the noise, you will find that an unclothed man is the one who is howling. If you follow this man to his abode, you will find that he has been living in the wild with wolves since he was a child. He picked up their ways and roams the woods with them. This has made him quite feral, and both he and his wolves will attack Arthur Morgan on sight.

5 Who Are The Night Folk?

The Night Folk are a band of bloodthirsty, crazy people who roam the swamps of Bayou Nwa. As if gators and snakes were not enough terror for Arthur Morgan to look out for, he now has to contend with silent, raging humans who bum-rush him with melee weapons. The exact origins of the Night Folk are unknown. They have been in the region for a while, frightening the people trying to make a living off of the swamps nearby. However, if players really want to encounter such monsters, they can roam the bayou at night. The Night Folk are sure to spring out then.

4 What Happened To Bonnie MacFarlane's Ex?

In the first Red Dead Redemption game, John Marston met a woman named Bonnie MacFarlane. She helps Marston out during some rough encounters. Red Dead Redemption 2 made mention of her character in a letter found by a man close to perishing. The man was apparently a suitor of Bonnie's. He left her in order to make a fortune so that her father would approve of him. Unfortunately, trouble beset the man as he meets his demise on a distant shore, with only that letter to Bonnie MacFarlane to keep him company.

3 Do Aliens Inhabit The World Of Red Dead Redemption?

Rockstar Games is well known for including hilarious Easter Eggs in their games. In Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best Easter Eggs a player can find is the UFO on Mount Chiliad. Red Dead Redemption 2 shares a similarity with the world of GTA in that they both have visitors from another planet. If players hang around a cabin found to the north of Emerald Ranch, they will find an alien spaceship hovering in the air at 2 a.m. It illuminates the night with an eerie green light. And if players travel to Mount Shan, another unidentified flying object will appear to dazzle the eyes.

2 What Happened To Francis Sinclair?

Francis Sinclair is not your average side quest stranger. At first glance, the bumbling geologist who tasks Arthur Morgan with finding rock carvings might seem like a harmless intellectual. However, after finding said rock carvings, Sinclair's real occupation is revealed. He is a time traveler.

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His cabin is filled with sketches of skyscrapers and atomic bombs. Plus, his manner of speaking when Morgan first spoke to him should have been a giveaway. And when a woman enters his cabin carrying a little baby with the same birthmark as Francis, you can guess who the baby will grow up to be.

1 Where Was Arthur Morgan Buried?

It has been a long time since Red Dead Redemption 2 was released, so a major spoiler should be easily forgiven. Arthur Morgan does not survive the events of the game. For the epilogue, players must play as John Marston. Intrepid gamers, however, can take the time to figure out where Arthur is buried. If you explored the Grizzlies thoroughly, you will know where the Mysterious Hill Home is at (close to Bacchus Station). Arthur's grave is located right behind the Mysterious Hill Home. Inspect the grave as John Marston in order to pay your respects to the late and great Arthur Morgan.

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