'Raze' Trailer: Zoe Bell & Rachel Nichols Brawl For Their Lives

Zoe Bell in Raze

It’s about time Zoe Bell claimed the spotlight in a feature and based on this brand new trailer, it’s ferociously appropriate that that feature is Raze. In addition to her endless stunt resume, Bell’s got a number of acting credits to her name (such as Death Proof, Whip It, and Game of Death) but Raze marks the first that both puts her in the lead and has a solid chance of being seen. In fact, Raze is due to make its world premiere later this month in the Tribeca Film Festival’s Midnight Program and is easily one of the most anticipated of that lineup.

Bell plays Sabrina, a woman who’s abducted and finds herself trapped in an underground lair. There’s no threats for ransom or twisted Hostel-style mutilation here, but Sabrina’s situation isn’t much fun, either. She, another woman played by Rachel Nichols (Conan the BarbarianG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), and the 50 other women trapped in the location are forced to fight each other for survival in front of an unseen crowd of rich socialites. The film’s tagline is “Fight or Die” if that helps you put it into perspective.

Zoe Bell in Raze

Or, better yet, just check out Bell, Nichols, and others ripping each other to shreds in the film’s trailer. It’s definitely overloaded with goodies showing off the twisted and wildly entertaining concept, but apparently Raze also attempts to achieve a sense of heart, too, as the piece makes it very clear that each woman involved has something to lose. As presented in this promo, the whole save-your-daughter angle is a little heavy-handed - but odds are Raze isn’t looking to win big in the emotional drama department. If that means more of this vicious action featured in the trailer, who’d complain?

We’ll get a better sense of what Raze really has to offer when it premieres at Tribeca on Sunday, April 21 at 9:30pm.


Source: RazeTheMovie on YouTube

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