Ray Wise Joins Dollhouse


Ray Wise will be joining the cast of Dollhouse.  I'm pleasantly surprised by this cast addition!  Jazzed and surprised.

Ray will be playing Howard, a higher up in the staff of the Dollhouse who has a "huge presence."

Reaper fans will recognize Wise as Lucifer himself, but I remember Ray from one of my favorite horror franchises, Jeepers Creepers. He was in JC 2 as Jack Taggart Sr.  I love those movies. The demon creature in those films ranks right up there with Predator for me.

But don't forget, Wise was also on Fox's 24 as Vice President Hal Gardner back in the '06 season.

I think this is a great addition to the cast of Dollhouse, which premieres Friday, September 25th.

Source:  Whedon Info

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