Ray Fisher Calls DCEU Cyborg Different and 'For a New Era'

In a recent appearance, Ray Fisher discussed his version of Justice League's Cyborg, calling it "different" from his animated counterpart. The character made its debut in the DC Extended Universe with a brief cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fisher is also on track to star in his own Cyborg solo vehicle in 2020, in addition to a supporting role in The Flash's own big-screen spinoff Flashpoint.

Cyborg, also known by his real name Victor "Vic" Stone, has long been a popular character in the Teen Titans comics, and has long been voiced by Khary Payton (The Walking Dead) in the Teen Titans animated series. Fans of the DC Comics version of Cyborg have long become familiar with the character -- but according to Fisher himself, Cyborg will bring something much different to the DECU in Justice League.

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As reported by Comic Book on Monday, Fisher spoke at the AsiaPOP convention in Manila, Philippines about his version of Cyborg and the influence the character had on him as an actor. The protected Twitter account "@thykryptonian" live-tweeted some of Fisher's comments on Cyborg, which he said will be a departure from what fans are used to seeing in Teen Titans:

Cyborg and Batman in the Justice League trailer

"He's a very real and grounded character and that's something I found very interesting to bring to the table. I love the cartoon, but this is a different Cyborg, for a new era."

Fisher also said he was a "huge fan" of the animated version of Cyborg growing up, describing the prolific voice actor Payton as "a master at what he does." Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg's father Dr. Silas Stone, previously said that Justice League will explore his son's deep resentment toward him over the role he played in Cyborg's origins. Director Zack Snyder has even gone so far as to describe Cyborg's story as the "heart of the movie."

Justice League will finally give fans the chance to see Cyborg show off the full potential of his superpowers, including his signature sonic arm cannon. Based on Fisher's comments, the character also has a chance to be as "human" a take on the cybernetically enhanced Vic Stone as any version that's been portrayed.

Warner Bros. is gambling a bit by putting one of its major characters in the hands of the 29-year-old Fisher, who is an accomplished stage actor but has minimal screen experience. It's also a bit concerning that the tone of the character had to be altered in Justice League reshoots because "the film felt too dark." But Cyborg's solo movie is still a go at this point, and the character certainly has potential.

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Source: Comic Book

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