'Ray Donovan' Season 2 Trailer: The Importance of Keeping One's Mouth Shut

Showtime has released the full trailer for the highly anticipated season 2 of 'Ray Donovan.'

Much like its often violent title character, Showtime drama Ray Donovan burst onto the cable landscape last year in no mood to make friends. The series quickly carved out a spot as one of the best-rated new dramas in Showtime history, and did very well with critics, too. It rapidly became a foregone conclusion that Ray Donovan would be renewed for a second season, which is set to premiere on Sunday, July 13th. To stoke the fires of anticipation, Showtime has released a full-length trailer that teases what's to come in season 2, which you can check out above.

For those who haven't gotten around to watching season 1, Ray Donovan stars Liev Schreiber as a Los Angeles-based "fixer," tasked by his employers with making the problems of important people like movie stars, professional athletes, and media moguls go away. Boston-born Ray takes his job very seriously, and is more than willing to resort to extraordinary, even criminal means to accomplish his goals.

Unfortunately, reality soon throws a monkey wrench in his day-to-day existence when his father Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) is suddenly released from prison. Ray has no desire to be associated with his abusive bastard of a dad, but Mickey won't take no for an answer, and it isn't long before the FBI threatens to jeopardize Ray's whole operation.

The above trailer makes it clear that the dramatic thrust of season 2 will be the immediate aftermath of Ray and Mickey's actions during last year's finale. You can't just take out a crime boss and not expect to pay a steep price. The FBI are as eager to take down the Donovan clan as they've ever been, and seem to be utilizing a divide and conquer strategy.

Ray and Mickey may have mended fences in some small way, but that does not guarantee that either will be willing to sacrifice their own freedom for the other. There's also a beautiful new reporter in town looking to dig up a scoop, although from the looks of things, Ray will end up giving her a little more than information. Finally, it appears that people should really think twice before referring to Abby Donovan's husband as a street thug.

Big names joining the cast of Ray Donovan in season 2 include Wendell Pierce (The Wire) as Mickey's hard-edged new parole officer, Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) as an FBI director investigating Ray and Mickey, Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) as his wife, and Ann Margret (Third Watch) as a faded movie star with a past connection to Ray's boss Ezra (Elliott Gould).

Will Ray Donovan avoid the dreaded sophomore slump? If the title character has any say in the matter, it'll get worked out.


Ray Donovan season 2 premieres Sunday, July 13th, 2014 @9pm on Showtime.

Source: Showtime

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