Raven's Home Trailer Introduces the Whole Family

A new trailer has been released for Raven's Home. Sequels have been a constant in movies for nearly as long as they have been around. But when it comes to TV, the rule always seemed to be that once a show was canceled, it was over. Now that rule has changed. Shows such as Dallas and Twin Peaks have returned after years of being off-screen and continued the same sagas, bringing back as many characters as possible and letting audiences know what happened next. Or in the case of Girl Meets World and Fuller House, telling the next generation's stories. By making the child characters from the original shows into the adults on the new series and introducing their children, several TV shows have told the next generation's story - all while honoring the originals.

The next show doing that is Raven's Home, the second spin-off series from the popular Disney channel sitcom That's So Raven. Teenage best friends Raven and Chelsea from the original series are now single parents, living together and raising their own teen and pre-teen children.

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Disney Channel has now released a new trailer for Raven's Home. While a previous trailer was narrated by Raven's son Booker, this time Raven's telling the story. And introducing the characters who make up her family.

The trailer begins with Raven listing the people who live in her home. Her "twin babies" Booker and Nia, who appear to have both inherited a bit of their mother's sass. Next is Chelsea and her son Levi, who is a little younger than the twins. Finally, Raven included next door neighbor Tess, a little girl with confidence and a willingness to smash things when she has a bat in her hands.

While the first trailer revealed that Booker has his mother's psychic powers, it was not clear before whether Raven was still able to see the future now that she is an adult. This trailer reveals that she can. So instead of being about one psychic character, this time there are two - mother and son. Though whether Raven has learned to cope with her powers more maturely, or whether Booker will be as fond of wearing disguises and trying to manipulate the future as his mother once was, remains to be seen. Both of them being psychic might also lead to even more confusion, as their visions might complement or influence each other's.

The trailer does promise that - much like its predecessor - Raven's Home will have plenty of hi-jinks, lots of physical comedy, and a whole lot of dance parties. It looks like some things never change.

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Raven's Home will premiere on Disney Channel July 21.

Source: Disney

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