First Trailer For That’s So Raven Spinoff Raven’s Home Arrives

The trailer for Raven's Home, the sequel series to That's So Raven has been released. Raven-Symoné has been making people laugh since she was three-years-old. That was when she joined the cast of The Cosby Show as Denise's step-daughter Olivia. She remained with the show for the final three seasons. One year later, she joined the cast of another sitcom - Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. During that time she also began to work on her singing career. The year after Hangin' With Mr. Cooper ended, she worked with Disney Channel for the first time, appearing in the made for TV movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Raven continued working with Disney Channel over the years, voicing a character on the cartoon Kim Possible and starring in The Cheetah Girls.

It was with Disney Channel that Raven finally got her own show - That's So Raven. She played a psychic teenager who - along with her family, best friends, and a closet full of disguises - tried to affect the outcome of her visions with hilarious results. The popular show ran for four seasons and was given a spinoff - Cory in the House. Now it's getting a sequel series called Raven's Home, premiering this summer.

Disney Channel has released a short trailer for Raven's Home. The trailer indicates that the show will follow the adventures of Raven's son Booker - who inherited his mother's psychic visions.

Raven's Home logo

The trailer, narrated by Booker, starts with him talking about the people in his life. Aside from his mother, there is his twin sister Nia, his mother's best friend Chelsea and her son Levi, and the neighbor girl Tess. After introducing them, Booker says that there are also his psychic visions. He excitedly tells Levi that he saw the future after his first vision. Then Booker tries to tell his mother about the visions, but she cuts him off before he can get the words out.

So far, there is no word on whether Raven still has psychic visions as well, or if she outgrew them at some point. If both mother and son have visions, that could add a new layer to the story, helping make things a little different from the original series.

This is not the first sequel series on Disney Channel to focus on the offspring of the children who were featured on their own series a few years ago. Girl Meets World received great acclaim before it was canceled after three seasons. It focused on the daughter of Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World as well as her friends. It looks as though Disney is hoping for similar success with Raven's Home.

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Raven's Home premieres on Disney Channel July 21.

Source: Disney Channel

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