Ratings: 'Smallville' Flying High, 'FlashForward' Losing Viewers

With November sweeps and the World Series both starting last week, it causes a strange effect in television ratings. While November sweeps is supposed to bring in high ratings, the World Series always cuts into their usual audience as we're seeing with ABC’s much touted drama, FlashForward. The new series created by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga saw its lowest ratings last week and conversly, this past week Smallville saw their highest ratings since the ninth season began.

Still, can the World Series really account for all these ratings fluctuations? As a fan of Smallville, I make sure to always tune in, but even with the show being able to pull in 2.6 million viewers; it’s still down over 1 million viewers from last season. When Smallville made the move to Friday night, The CW was putting their veteran series up against the powerhouse that is CBS’s Friday night line-up. Since the Kryptonian visitor has been able to hold its own on the toughest night of the week, I have a feeling that Mr. Kent may receive another season order.

That is something, sadly, Dollhouse will unlikely be given as FOX’s decision to replace Dollhouse for the month of November with reruns of their number one rated medical drama, House. While the rerun of the two-hour series premiere received marginally more viewers than Dollhouse in that time slot, it was still bested by Smallville.

Alright, enough of the Smallville talk. While I could go on forever, we’ve got to get down to the nitty-gritty; what is up with FlashForward? Is this show on the decline? Will we even make it to the April 29, 2010?


ABC has been promoting FlashForward for as long as I can remember (My memory only goes back about a year). They’ve been setting this series up to be the replacement for Lost and if you looked at the premiere, you might think they were correct.

The series premiere pulled in 12.45 million viewers but as the sixth episode just aired, the latest episode received just 9 million viewers. I know that no one expects any series to retain 100% of their premiere audience, but I have a feeling that this has less to do with the World Series and more to do with what’s going on with show itself.

Since the news of FlashForward being down in the ratings, discussions behind-the-scenes at Screen Rant have been back and forth trying to figure out why exactly the show is losing viewers. Some people think it’s because of the direction that they’re taking the show, some people think that it’s the long, artificially drawn-out storylines, but almost everyone agrees that something’s up - we just can’t put our finger on it.

Not yet at least.

So, I pose the question to you, the reader; What is up FlashForward? Are you happy with the show the way it is and the way they’re taking it? Is there anything that you’re not enjoying? Do you think that this show will be able to reach the three to five year mark needed to tell the entire tale?

Let’s hear it!

(I'm not trying to leave all you Smallville fans out, so if you want to throw in some fist pumps, go for it. Also, if anyone wants to mention how great last weeks Supernatural was, I just might have to agree with you.)

If you want to make it to April 29, you better tune in to FlashForward Thrusdays at 8PM on ABC.Fans of the blue blur tune into Smallville Fridays at 8PM on The CW.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter & The Hollywood Reporter

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