24 Rare Images Of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Before, During And After Their Relationship

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's announcement on April 2nd that they were separating came as a shock to millions of their fans because it came out of the blue. The couple gave no warning or hint of it. On the contrary, their social media activities before the announcement had suggested a couple in a loving relationship. The pattern of their social media postings just before they announced their split was consistent with their long-established habit of gushing over each other and celebrating wedding anniversaries with lavish displays of romantic love.

A typical example of Tatum and Dewan's penchant for public display of affection occurred during the seventh anniversary of their wedding in July 2016 when Dewan tweeted photo strips with the caption "seven years of love." The photos showed the couple being lovey-dovey with one another. Tatum and Dewan's frequent and lavish display of affection explains why their April announcement left many fans perplexed and disoriented. Some fans wondered how long the couple had been pretending about having a loving relationship and others wondered whether there had ever been any love between them.

Fans began scrutinizing Tatum and Dewan’s social media pages for signs of trouble that they previously missed. Self-proclaimed body-language experts conducted analysis of the couple's body language that might reveal changes that heralded their split.

However, fans are recovering weeks after the initial shock. To further help the healing let us take you on a walk down memory lane. Here are 24 Rare Images Of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Before, During And After Their Relationship.

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24 Before: Cute Photo Of Channing Tatum As A Child In The 1980s

A rare photo of Channing Tatum from the early 1980s reveals the future Hollywood star displaying precocious talent as an actor. Tatum was born on April 26, 1980, in Cullman, Alabama. His family moved to Tampa where he attended Gaither High School, and later transferred to Tampa Catholic High Schoo. He was offered a football scholarship to Glenville State College in West Virginia, but dropped out to pursue a carrier as a dancer. He later signed with a modelling agency and appeared in ads for top brands such as Nautica, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch. He also appeared in TV commercials for brands, such as Mountain Dew and Pepsi. He appeared a dancer in Ricky Martin's music video She Bang in 2004.

His acting career started in 2004 with a minor role in the TV series CSI: Miami. He made his film debut in Coach Carter (2005) with Samuel L. Jackson. In the same year, he played small roles in several movies, including Havoc, Supercross, and War of the Worlds.

He landed his first major role in the romantic dance movie Step Up  as Tyler Gage. He co-starred in the movie with Jenna Dewan, who played the role of Nora Clark. Nora and Tyler's onscreen romance blossomed in tandem with Tatum and Dewan's real life romance . He later appeared in several major movies, including G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Public Enemies, Magic Mike  and the drama Foxcatcher.

23 Before: Jenna Dewan Shares Throwback Photo Of High School Cheerleader Days

Jenna Dewan shared this throwback photo of her high school cheerleader days with her Instagram fans in January 2018. The old photo shows Jenna in her high school cheerleading uniform, flashing a bright smile as she sits on a gymnasium floor with a pair of pom-poms by her side. She is dressed in a blue and red cheerleader uniform that has the name of her high school, Grapevine, in front.

Dewan was born on December 3rd, 1980, in Hartford, Connecticut. Her family moved a lot during her childhood and she lived in several cities while growing up. She was a cheerleader while attending Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, Maryland, from where she transferred to Grapevine High School, in Grapevine, Texas.

Jenna was voted prom queen during her senior year at Grapevine High School.

She started her career as a dancer after she left the University Of Southern California (USC) and appeared as a backup dancer in Janet Jackson's video Doesn't Really Matter. She worked with other famous pop stars, including Missy Elliot and Christiana Aguilera. She made her film debut, co-starring as Nora Clark with Channing Tatum in the dance movie Step Up. She went on to appear in the NBC series The Playboy Club , the FX series American Horror Story . She played the role of Freya Beauchamp in the Lifetime series Witches of East End. She also played Lucy Lane in Supergirl.

22 Before: Young Channing Tatum With A High School Girlfriend

A photo from Channing Tatum's high school days shows him with a high school sweetheart. Tatum was a popular kid in his high school days and he once claimed that "girls were always his biggest distraction in school." He was popularly known as "Chan" at Tampa Catholic High School. He told ET Online that he was a jock in his high school days, played football, and like any teen, had a girlfriend. Before he transferred to Tampa Catholic High School, he attended Gaither High School,  where he was part of the school’s football team. An old school mate at Gaither High School provided the website Channing Tatum Unwrapped with an old newspaper article about the school's football team. The article showed that Tatum played the position of running back for the Gaither Cowboys. He weight 160 lbs and was 5'11.

Besides football, Tatum also played baseball and soccer, did track and field, and took interest in the martial arts. He was voted the most athletic student in his class at Tampa Catholic School. He graduated from Tampa Catholic High School in 1998, and attended Glenville State College in West Virginia on a football scholarship, but dropped out. He worked odd jobs for some time before he started working as a dancer at a local night club under the stage name "Chan Crawford." His experience as a night club dancer inspired his role in the movie Magic Mike (2012).

21 Before: Jenna Dewan As A Teenager

Jenna Dewan's father, Darryll Dewan, is of mixed Polish and Lebanese descent, and her name Dewan, is of Lebanese origin. However, her mother, Nancy Smith, is of English and German ancestry. Her parents divorced when she was a child and her mother remarried. Jenna is the eldest child of her parents. She has three younger brothers, Dawson, Dayne and Daniel.

Jenna spent much of her teenage years in Texas. She was passionate about dancing from an early age and dreamed about moving to L.A. to become a professional dancer. She started attending evening dance classes during her high school years, and her passion for dancing meant that she missed a lot of parties and summer camps. Her first professional appearances as a dancer were in Janet Jackson’s videos Doesn't Really Matter and All for You. She believes that the experience she gained working with Jackson helped her career a lot because it gave her the opportunity to work with other famous artists, such as Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Mandy Moore. It also prepared her for her roles as Nora Clark in the dance movie Step Up, and as Sasha in the drama dance movie Take the Lead.

20 Before: Jenna Dewan Shares Her 'First Glamor Photo'

Jenna Dewan first shared this photo of herself with her Instagram fans on April 28th, 2018. The photo, which shows a young attractive woman with beautiful tresses and a disarming smile, might have been taken during her senior year at high school or after she graduated from high school. She described the photo on Instagram as her "first glamor shot."

Dewan started off her career as a dancer, but soon veered into acting. The year 2006 was her breakout year as an actor. She first appeared as Sasha in the drama dance movie Take the Lead , directed by Liz Friedlander. She co-starred in the movie with Alfre Woodard, John Oritz, Yaya DaCosta, Dante Basc, and Rob Brown. She also co-starred with Channing Tatum in Step Up in 2006. Her next major role came in 2008 when she starred in the Lifetime TV film Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal. She appeared alongside Rob Schneider in the comedy movie American Virgin, directed by Clare Kilner.

Dewan's first major role was in 2006's Step Up. 

She portrayed Bunny Janie, a stunning  young woman at a Playboy Club in Chicago, in the short-lived NBC series The Playboy Club. The series, which premiered in September 21, was cancelled in October 2011 after only three episodes, due to low ratings. She also appeared in The Jerk Theory and 10 Years, a movie produced by Channing Tatum.

19 Before: Dewan And Ashley Benson In A Scene From Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (2008)

The photo shows Jenna Dewan with co-star Ashley Benson in a scene from the Lifetime original film Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal. Actress Ashley Benson is best known for her role as Hanna Marin in the TV series Pretty Little Liars. She played the role of head cheerleader Brooke in Fab Five.

Fab Five, directed by Tom McLoughlin, is based on real life events that occurred at McKinney North High School in Texas in 2006. The film, which also starred Tatum O'Neal, tells the story of five wayward high school cheerleaders who became notorious for their disruptive behavior at school. The girls skipped classes, violated school dress code, partied, and drank.

Their new geography teacher Michaela Ward struggled to cope with the challenge posed by the girls' outrageous conduct. She clashed with the school authorities for not doing enough to curb the girls' excesses. She finally resigned her position at the school in 2006 and shared her experience with the media. Her story inspired the Lifetime film Fab Five, which focused on five girls, Brook Tippit (Ashley Benson), Jeri Blackburn (Jessica Heap), Ashley (Stephanie Honore), Tabitha Doering (Ashlynn Ross), and Lisa Toledo (Aimee Spring Fortier).

Although the school principal eventually fired their coach Emma Carr (Jenna Dewan), she was able to make a lasting positive impact on the girls' lives.

18 Before: Dewan Recreated A 10 Year-Old Thanksgiving Photo She Took With Her Dad And Brothers

During Thanksgiving in November 2015, Dewan decided to recreate an old Thanksgiving photo she took with her father, Darryll Dewan, and three little brothers, Dawson, Dayne, and Daniel, way back in 2005. She then shared the new and old photos with her social media fans.

Both photos show Dewan snuggling up to one of her brothers, while their father Darryll throws his hands around two other brothers with happy smiles on their faces. It is clear that the old Thanksgiving photo was taken many years before the new photo because the little boys had all grown into handsome young men in the new photo. Their father has also gracefully aged. In the old photo, he holds what looks like a picture book in his hand.

Only Jenna appears not to have changed much in the decade between the two photos. She looks much the same in both photos -- a petite and dark-haired beauty.

Dewan uploaded the photo to her Instagram in November 2015, soon after she was spotted with her daughter Everly at a Thanksgiving party in L.A. She was photographed walking along, dressed in skinny jeans, a white blouse, ankle boots, and a hat.

17 Before: Channing Tatum Shows Off His Abs In She's The Man (2006)

Channing Tatum played the role of Duke Orsino, captain of the soccer team at the elite boarding school Illyria, in the romantic comedy movie She's the Man. The movie was released in March 2006, five months before the release of the dance movie Step Up in which he co-starred with Dewan.

She's The Man was supposedly inspired by William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. 

She's The Man was actually a remake of the 1985 teen comedy movie Just One of the Guys. It tells the story of Viola Hastings (Amanda Bynes) who played soccer for Cornwall College. Her twin brother Sebastian (James Kirk) was admitted to Illyria, but he left for London with his new band. Viola agreed to cover for him at Illyria, while he was in London by passing herself off as her twin brother.

She got a stylist friend to disguise her up as Sebastian and enrolled at Illyria. At Illyria, she met Tatum's character, Duke Orsino. Despite trying hard, she failed to make the school's first team, but she was accepted as a second string player. However, things got complicated after her brother, the real Sebastian, returned from London. But, Viola was eventually able to prove her worth as a soccer player when she helped her school team to win a victory over rival Cornwall. She and Duke ended up together in the end.

16 During: A Promotional Still For Step Up Is One Of Their Earliest Photos Together

This photo shows Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in a promotional still from their 2006 dance movie Step Up. The photo is probably one of the earliest of the couple together after they met on the set of the movie and began dating. Tatum played the leading role of Tyler Gage, while Dewan played the leading role of Nora Clark. The actors also became involved in an off-screen romance. They were unable to keep their romance under wraps for long. Other members of the cast and the entire film crew, knew they were dating after the first time they spent the night together.

Soon after they met and felt attracted to each other, Channing summoned up the courage -- after a night of drinking -- to walk up to Jenna's hotel room and knock on the door. When Jenna opened the door, he told her he wanted to stay the night with her, and Jenna let him.

The entire cast and film crew learned what happened when Tatum overslept the next morning and the production assistants looking for him called Dewan. She admitted that Tatum spent the night with her and was embarrassed when she later realized that everyone knew what happened. But, she eventually recovered from the embarrassment and her relationship with Tatum soon became a matter of public knowledge.

15 During: They Celebrated The 10th Anniversary Of Step Up By Sharing A Throwback Photo

On August 11th, 2016, Tatum and Dewan celebrated the 10th anniversary of the release date of their movie Step Up by posting to their instagram pages a throwback photo from 2006 after they met on the set of the dance movie. The couple also relived found memories of their time together shooting the movie by releasing a Snapchat video on Twitter, showing the them recreating a famous dance scene from the movie.

After Dewan took to Instagram to share the old photo of herself sitting on Tatum’s lap. She posted a message to her Instagram page expressing her joy on the 10th anniversary of the release of the movie that brought them together. The actress thanked fans and social media followers for their support.

Tatum And Dewan tied the knot in July 2009 after they met on the set of the dance movie in 2005.

Tatum had revealed in a July 2015 interview with GQ that he and Dewan often watched Step Up together and recalled the experiences they shared when they co-starred in the movie. He also recalled the times they spent working together in an interview with Redbook in 2014. He remember the moment of their first kiss and the fact they stayed together after they finished shooting the movie. They remained together until they got engaged in 2008, and married in 2009.

14 During: Tatum And Dewan Share The First Photo Of Their New Daughter Everly

Tatum and Dewan confirmed the birth of their first daughter, Everly, early in June 2013 after she was born on May 31st in London, England. Tatum and Dewan were living in London during the time, while Tatum was filming his new movie Jupiter Ascending. He co-starred in the movie with Mila Kunis.

Tatum announced the birth of their daughter in a statement released on his website. He added that he and his wife were thrilled to welcome their baby girl. Later in the month, they shared the first photo of their adorable newborn daughter on Facebook and Instagram. The photo shows Tatum looking down lovingly as he cradled Everly in his arms, while the proud mother Dewan looked on. Tatum later revealed that he and Dewan decided to release the photo themselves to preempt paparazzi who were "stalking" them to get the first shot of their newborn daughter. Tatum and Dewan decided to release the first photo of their daughter to the public on Facebook, instead of selling the photo to the media.

Several celebrity colleagues Tweeted congratulations to the couple. One of the first to congratulate them on social media was Tatum's White House Down co-star Jamie Foxx. A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that Tatum was determined to do everything within his power to be the best father to his little girl.

13 During: Dewan Covers Tatum's Face So He Won't See Her Onscreen Kiss With Co-Star Daniel Di Tomasso

In July 2014, actress Rachel Boston, who played Ingrid Beauchamp in Witches of East End, shared a photo that shows Dewan covering Tatum's eyes as they watched the season 2 premiere of the TV series Witches of East End at a viewing party in July 2014. The photo, captioned "Don't look @channingtatum, @jennadewan is kissing @danielditomasso," was reportedly taken as they watched a scene in which Dewan kissed her Witches of East End co-star Daniel Di Tomasso. Di Tomasso played Killian, the onscreen love interest of Dewan's character, Freya Beauchamp.

The photo helped to highlight the awkward moments many Hollywood couples go through when they have to watch their spouse be in onscreen relationships with co-stars. The photo was reportedly taken only a few weeks after Dewan revealed in an interview with E! News that Channing was not fond of watching her onscreen romantic scenes.

Dewan told E! News that although Tatum did not like Dewan's onscreen moments with other men, he still watched the scenes. She admitted that she did not expect Tatum to like watching her romantic scenes and that it would have been weird if he said he did not mind watching the scenes. She added that she also did not like shooting romantic scenes. According to Dewan, that fact that many of her co-stars were Tatum's friends made romantic scenes even more uncomfortable.

12 During: Tatum Lifts Dewan On The Set Of The Ellen Show After Lip Sync Battle Performance With Beyonce

Channing Tatum revealed on The Ellen Show in January 2016 that he had never expected Beyonce to join him onstage as he performed "Run the World (Girls)" on Lip Sync Battle. Fans were as shocked when Beyonce suddenly appeared on stage and briefly performed the final moments of Tatum's "Run the World (Girls)" choreography with him.

Tatum, who was costumed unconvincingly as Beyonce, was so overwhelmed by the superstar's unexpected appearance that he bowed down twice at her feet at the end of the performance. Jenna’s reaction when her husband first appeared on stage dressed like Queen Bey was hilarious. But, she looked absolutely stunned when Beyonce appeared and joined Tatum on the stage.

Tatum later told Ellen DeGeneres that after he learned that Dewan was going to bring out Paula Abdul he wondered to himself who he could bring out. He did not believe that Beyonce would come if he asked her, but he tried to contact Beyonce's assistant to ask for permission to bring a cardboard cut-out of Beyonce as a joke. However, he ended up meeting Beyonce for the first time when she joined him onstage during his performance. Beyonce left immediately after the performance, but reportedly later texted him, saying she would love to meet him and his wife Dewan.

Dewan competed against her husband at the Lip Sync Battle event. They tied and became joint champions.

11 During: Tatum Shares Adorable Mother's Day Photo Of Dewan And Everly

Channing Tatum celebrated Jenna Dewan on Mother's Day in May 2016 by posting to Instagram a photo that showed a hand holding a black-and-white photo of Dewan lying back and looking exhausted. The photo also showed their newborn daughter Everly lying face-down on Dewan's chest fast asleep.

Tatum explained that he took the black-and-white photo back in 2013, soon after Everly was born. He praised Dewan's commitment to her parenting responsibilities and expressed gratitude for her "deep strength and worldly grace." He wrote that he had taken several similar photos of Dewan over the years, but the black-and-white photo he posted for Mother’s Day was one of his favorites. He added that watching Dewan adapt to the challenges of taking care of their newborn was a "life-changing" experience for him, because it revealed to him for the first time another aspect of Dewan's personality that he described as "the light of a mother's love."

Tatum revealed this photo, and several others like it, reflected the qualities the deepened his love for his wife. 

He also shared a photo honoring his mother. The photo showed Tatum giving his mother a kiss on the cheek. Channing also sent a Mother’s Day message to Dewan and their 4-year-old Everly on May 13th, 2018, following their recent split after nine years of marriage. The two have remained on good terms since the broke up in April 2018.

10 During: Tatum And Dewan Wear Unicorn And Fairy Costumes For Everly's Halloween Carnival

Tatum and Dewan took their 4-year-old daughter Everly to her preschool’s Halloween carnival in October 2017. The couple put on creatively designed Halloween costumes for the event. They later took to social media -- Twitter and Instagram -- to share photos taken during the event.

Tatum's costume was a purple suit which had a hood designed to look like a unicorn head, complete with a mane and a multi-colored horn. He also wore grey sweatpants, blue striped socks, white sneakers, and carried a pumpkin and a purple backpack. One of the photos uploaded to Instagram by Dewan showed Tatum sitting in the car looking uncomfortable as his unicorn horn scraped the car roof.

Dewan also posted photos showing her and 4-year-old Everly dressed in fairy costumes with floral crowns and delicate light green-colored wings. Dewan accidentally crushed her fairy wings, so she had to take them off and carry them in her hands. She posted to Instagram an image showing her in her fairy outfit with crushed wings.Some fans recalled that Dewan had dressed up for Halloween as a unicorn in the previous year. Channing also dressed up on Lip Sync Battle as Elsa from the animated movie Frozen. He also dressed up as the pop superstar Beyonce.

9 During: Tatum And Dewan's Last Social Media Photo Together

One of the reasons why Dewan and Tatum's announcement that they were separating came as a huge shock to fans was that it came out of the blue. The couple gave no signs of the impending separation until the sudden announcement on April 2nd. Some fans even accused them of having deliberately gone out of their way to use loving social media posts to paint a misleading picture of marital bliss and harmony.

For instance, the couple’s last social media post together on March 19th showed artwork done on their faces by their 4-year-old daughter Everly. The photo was accompanied by a hilarious caption by Tatum which explained that the weird makeup was the work of a "little tyrant fairy artist" who noticed their drab-looking faces and tried to make them look better.

After the couple announced early in April that they were separating, fans returned to the photo to post comments expressing their dismay at the unexpected turn of events.

However, the last time that the Tatum and Dewan was photographed together on a red carpet was in November 27th when they attended the premiere of the HBO documentary film War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend produced by Tatum, and directed by Deborah Scranton.

8 After: Tatum Liked Dewan's First Post-Split Instagram Photo

After Dewan and Tatum released a joint statement announcing their breakup after nine years of marriage on April 2nd, 2018, Dewan took to Instagram on April 12th to thank her fans for their support. She then shared a photo of herself posing on the beach, dressed in a crop top and a long skirt. The beautiful image received more than 300,000 likes and thousands of comments. Tatum was one of Dewan’s thousands of Instagram followers who liked the photo. Tatum explained in his comment that he and Dewan were still friends despite having split. But, his comment merely reiterated the couple’s original joint statement that they still loved each other but had decided to part ways.

While fans don't know the specifics around their split, Dewan and Tatum reassured fans that they would remain close friends. 

Following their split, Dewan dropped Channing's last name, Tatum, from her Instagram profile. On April 19th, she posted a photo of herself in lingerie which Tatum also liked. This time around, fans barely noticed that Tatum liked the photo, instead they were upset that Dewan had dropped Channing's last name from hers.

However, Dewan had told Ryan Seacrest when she co-hosted Live With Kelly and Ryan in November 2017, that she took on Channing's last name only because he wanted her to take the name. Dewan added that Tatum was not pleased when she refused to drop her maiden name (Dewan), but she insisted that she did not want to drop her maiden name after using it for many years of her Hollywood career.

7 After: Tatum Shares Post-Breakup "Sanctuary" Photo

On Monday, April 30th, 2018, nearly a month after he and Dewan announced their breakup, Channing Tatum took to Instagram to post a photo of an outdoor scene that he titled "Sanctuary." The photo showed three male figures on a rocky outcrop -- two standing, one sitting -- in a rugged and rocky wilderness or desert terrain. The faces of the men were not visible as they were photographed from a distance. However, fans assumed that one of them was Tatum. Fans also assumed that by "sanctuary," Tatum meant to hint that he retreated to a nature reserve to seek refuge for mental and spiritual regeneration. Some fans praised him for making an effort to take a break from the hustle and bustle of his daily life, but one fan warned that the "best sanctuary is where your loved ones are."

Some Instagram followers of the Magic Mike star suggested that the photo was taken in southern Utah, and one fan guessed that the site was Sand Mountain in Little Sahara Recreation Area in the northeast of the Sevier Desert, in Juab County, western Utah.

Sand Mountain is a popular site in Little Sahara for all terrain-vehicle (ATV) riding, camping and hiking. Although Tatum did not confirm the site of his "Sanctuary,” the Hollywood star is known to be an outdoor enthusiast. He and Dewan celebrated their eight wedding anniversary at a wilderness camp in Michigan in July 2017. He also celebrated his birthday on April 26, 2018, with close friends, at a place he called "the middle of nowhere."

6 After: Dewan Wows In Chin-Length Bob And Mini-Dress At 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Jenna Dewan, 37, turned heads at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 20, when she debuted a new chin-length bob. She was also dressed in a chic-looking, strapless leather Zuhair Murad mini dress with silver and bronze studs. She wore studded heels, matching gold jewelry, and held a black and gold clutch bag. Her mini dress showed off her athletic physique.

The newly-single World of Dance host, who is best known for her shoulder-length tresses, had teased fans about her new bob before she hit the Billboard Music Awards red carpet. She gave a hint of her new hair style when she posted a photo of locks of her hair on the floor to Instagram, with the caption "Byeeeeee hair."

After showing off her new looks on the red carpet, she told E! News that she was excited to attend the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, especially with Janet Jackson performing (Dewan had performed as a backup dancer for Jackson in the early 2000s). She added that her 4-year-old daughter Everly was also learning how to dance and could perform some "serious" moves.

She had opened up to People magazine in an interview on Friday, May 18, saying that she was "trying to be the best version" of herself in the aftermath of her split with Tatum.

5 After: Dewan Seen For The First Time Without Wedding Ring After Breakup With Tatum

Multiple celebrity news websites reported on April 7th, 2018, that that Jenna Dewan was spotted and photographed without her wedding ring only a few days after the shocking social media statement announcing her split from Channing Tatum. The actress and dancer was reportedly spotted with her silver band missing on her left ring finger on Saturday, April 7th, while out shopping with a friend in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles. The actress, who was dressed in a denim attire, sunglasses, and necklace was reportedly seen at a souvenir store where she bought a parasol, a hat, and several other small items.

On April 4th, Tatum was spotted still wearing his wedding ring as he left Target with his daughter. 

People magazine had earlier reported that Dewan was spotted on April 2nd -- a few hours before she and Tatum announced they were separating -- wearing her wedding ring. According to People, the actress, dressed in a camouflage jacket and black outfit, was spotted wearing her wedding ring on her left ring finger on her way to attending a yoga class in Studio City, California. A source told People that she appeared gloomier than usual that morning.

4 After: Dewan Acquires An “Otherworldly” Glow, Thanks To J.Lo’s Inglot Cosmetics

Jenna Dewan took to Instagram on Monday, April 30, 2018, to promote Jennifer Lopez's new makeup line -- Jennifer Lopez for Inglot Cosmetics. She posted a selfie of herself wearing the famous actress’s new makeup products, and in the caption, she gushed about the "otherwordly" glow of her face, thanks to Lopez's Inglot cosmetics.

Dewan posted the selfie to her Instagram after Lopez launched her new beauty collection on April 26. The makeup line consists of 70 beauty products, including lipsticks, eyes shadows, mascara, highlighters, nail polishes and lip gloss. Dewan displayed some of the new products – eye shadow, lipstick and bronzer – in her Instagram story, but she did not reveal the specific shades she used to obtain the "otherworldly glow" that she showed off in her selfie.

However, some fans tried to guess which of the shades she used. Some suggested she might have used one of two available shades of the new makeup line's Livin' the Highlight Illuminator Face Eyes and Body, which comes in powder form but imparts a fresh dewy glow.

Like Dewan, Jennifer Lo pez also started off her showbiz career as a Fly Girl dancer on the comedy TV series In Living Color, back in 1991. She started her acting career in 1993, and eventually got her breakthrough role in Selena. She went on to star in several other movies, including Anaconda.

3 After: Dewan Celebrates Vegas Magazine’s 15th Anniversary

On Friday, May 18th, Jenna Dewan attended Vegas Magazine's 15th anniversary party at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. She attended the party dressed in a sheer black dress with delicate fringe details. The magazine later posted to their Instagram page a photo that shows Dewan lying on a pile of the 15th anniversary issue of the magazine that featured the World of Dance host.

Dewan had announced the release of the 15th anniversary edition of the magazine on Instagram. The edition included an interview that was Dewan's first post-split interview. She told the magazine that despite their separation, she and Tatum would forever remain great friends. But many fans took Dewan to task over her words, saying that her actions after they announced their separation contradicted her claim that they would always remain good friends.

According to multiple media reports, Dewan did a post-breakup purge of her Instagram account. Cosmopolitan reported that after she purged her Instagram account, the most recent photo showing her with Tatum was one dating back to September 2016, almost a year and a half before.

However, there was no evidence that Channing did a post-breakup purge as his Instagram page was still full of posts showing him with Jenna.

2 After: Dewan Stuns In Sleeveless Dress On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jenna Dewan appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, dressed in a stunning sleeveless pink dress. She was still wearing the cropped bob she debuted the previous Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. She appeared on the show to promote the upcoming season 2 of NBC's World of Dance which she hosts. Season one of the show, which featured executive producer Jenifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough, as judges, premiered on NBC in May 2017. The show has been renewed for a second season scheduled to begin airing on May 29. It was also renewed for a third season earlier this month.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dewan recalled some of her experiences as a 19-year-old backup dancer for the pop star Janet Jackson. She told Kimmel how she was left stunned when Jackson gave her a "pleasure chest" as a Valentine Day's gift. She added that all the other dancers got similar gifts and they were all left speechless.

According to Dewan, Jackson was a kind and very generous boss. 

She had admitted on previous occasions that working for Jackson was a dream come true. It opened doors for her and helped to boost her career. She was still a student at USC when she auditioned for Jackson's video Doesn’t Really Matter. Jackson liked what she saw and invited her to join her tour.

1 Jenna Dewan And Derek Hough's Dance "Chemistry" Sparks Rumors

A new World of Dance series promo, which shows Jenna Dewan and Derek Hough performing sizzling dance moves,  proves that Dewan hasn’t lost any of the dance skills that earned her fame earlier in her career. The video also sparked rumors about the unique dance "chemistry" between Dewan and her World of Dance judge Derek Hough. When Hough slid over Dewan during the dance performance, many fans couldn't help but wonder how Channing Tatum might have felt watching hunky Hough "putting the moves" on Dewan. Some fans actually suggested that Dewan and Hough could have something going behind the scenes. Others argue it was unlikely that the two would hook up because Derek has a girlfriend. He has reportedly been dating Dancing With the Stars troupe member Hayley Erbert since 2015.

However, this is not the first time since her split from husband Tatum that fans have speculated about who Dewan might hook up with next. No one doubts that The Witches of East End star is ready to move on from her nine-year marriage to Tatum. Nick Jones sparked rumors that he has set his sights on the newly-single actress when he posted a comment to Dewan's Instagram photo showing her in the stunning outfit she rocked at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 20.

Dewan’s caption for the photo, which showed her looking gorgeous in black leather mini dress and heels, was a comment thanking the Billboard Music Awards for having her at the event.

"'Twas such a fun night!! Thanks you for having me…," Dewan wrote.

"Twas. 'Twasn't It?" Jones responded cheekily.

Most of Dewan's Instagram followers, including Brad Goreski (Dewan's stylist), immediately assumed that Jones was flirting with the newly-single star.


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